Who we are

Exploring and expanding the frontiers of science, medicine and spirituality.

The Scientific and Medical Network (SMN) was founded in 1973 by George Blaker, Dr. Patrick Shackleton and Sir Kelvin Spencer, based on their shared desire to reconcile scientific enquiry and scientific models of reality with the spiritual dimension of life, and so to open dialogue between scientists and spiritual luminaries of all backgrounds. The vision of the SMN founders was a profoundly holistic one: an organisation confined by no “fences of thought”, but instead open to insight from every kind of human enquiry.

The current members continue to believe that neither orthodox religion nor conventional science are, in their present forms, sufficient to answer pressing questions about human existence, about mysteries of the cosmos, and that new ways of thinking, and new interdisciplinary approaches, are needed. The Network was originally an invitation-only club (unlike today), as it developed into its early form as a place for scientists and medics to debate and dialogue about questions and ideas that were considered taboo in orthodox contexts, on issues such as non-local consciousness, alternative forms of healing and paranormal phenomena.

The SMN remains a worldwide professional community and membership organisation that offers a friendly and safe environment for open-minded, rigorous and evidence-based enquiry into themes bridging science, spirituality and consciousness. Please click here to join us on our journey, or click here for information about our Local Groups and Meetings or contact us here.

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