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The coronavirus situation and our upcoming live events

Following the government’s ongoing recommendations to avoid all non-essential contact and public gatherings, we have taken the decision to postpone both the Mirror of the Present I Ching weekend seminar that was due to be held in London this coming weekend, and now also the Re-Enchanting The World Mystics and Scientists conference planned for April at Horsley Estate.  We are sure that many of you have been anticipating this possibility in the last week or so but we are still very sorry for the inconvenience.

We have emailed all attendees detailed notification of these changes, and please contact the office if you have any questions.

Once we have new arrangements in place for Re-Enchanting The World we will inform all delegates immediately, and put the news on our website. And in addition, we are planning to live-stream this event and will be sending an announcement about this as well.

In terms of our other planned events, due to uncertainty and low numbers registered, we have in fact cancelled The Way of Compassion one-day event on April 17 with Shakti Caterina Maggi, and also cancelled the One Mind One Health One Planet seminar on May 16 with Larry and Barbara Dossey in celebration of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale.

Again, we regret having to cancel these events but we are actively planning ways to bring you content from these speakers and others in new online formats so please watch out for announcements regarding this.


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Thought Architecture
By Samantha Glorioso

What if, every single thought you had today actually shaped the foundations of your reality before you even thought of doing anything about them? What if, instead of worrying about how much we did or didn’t do with our actions, or what was done to us by others, we began shifting the role of chief architect and engineer of our lives, to our brains?

Galileo Commission:
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