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Beyond the brain xii

Latest News

24th of September 2017 05:23 PM Link
"Something as simple as an everyday conversation causes the brains of the participants to begin to work simultaneously. This is the conclusion of a study carried out by the Basque Centre on Cognition, Brain, and Language (BCBL), recently published in the magazine Scientific Reports."
20th of September 2017 02:38 PM Link
"To test a theory about why we haven't evolved to be immortal, researchers have identified certain genes that affect lifespan and switched them off, helping worms live longer"
20th of September 2017 12:58 AM Link
"Like in a nail-biting thriller full of escapes and subterfuge, photons from far-off light sources, such as blazars, could go up against a continuous exchange of identity in their journey through the Universe."
19th of September 2017 12:50 AM Link
"Major survey reveals that it’s atheists who perpetuate the conflict between religious belief and science"