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‘Nurturing Our Humanity: How Domination and Partnership Shape Our Brains, Lives and Future’
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‘The Great Disconnect: Why So Many Think A Covid Vaccine is our Only Option’
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Join our friends at Ubiquity University for an ongoing summit of inspiring speakers focusing on solutions and new visions following the pandemic.
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Beyond the Brain 2020: Further Reaches of Consciousness Research
3-day Conference・6 – 8th November

Our four most recent live webinars are now over but recordings are available!
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Recordings of our April webinar conference weekend are now also available.

Paradigm Explorer

Issue 132 out now!

*Pandemic as Opportunity
*The Future of Civilisation – Article and Review
*Vitamin C as a Treatment for Covid-19
*The Spiritual Light of Hellenism and Perennial Philosophy
*The Eco-Philosophy Mandala
*Not an Obituary – a Voyage around Ram Dass
*Beyond the Brain 2019 Report
PLUS – reviews of 50+ books on science, medicine, philosophy, spirituality, consciousness studies, ecology and politics

Featured Blog
Thought Architecture
By Samantha Glorioso

What if, every single thought you had today actually shaped the foundations of your reality before you even thought of doing anything about them? What if, instead of worrying about how much we did or didn’t do with our actions, or what was done to us by others, we began shifting the role of chief architect and engineer of our lives, to our brains?

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