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Paradigm Explorer

Issue 133 out now!

*Cyberdialogue on the Big Questions
*Presidential Handover
*Visions of the Impossible
*A Postscript to LSD and the Mind of the Universe
*Looking to the Future
*Architecture is a Symphony of Form
*How to Awaken Humans on our Planet
*One Mind, One Planet, One Health
*Reflections on the Power of the Sacred Feminine
PLUS – reviews of 50+ books on science, medicine, philosophy, spirituality, consciousness studies, ecology and politics

Featured Blog
Thought Architecture
By Samantha Glorioso

What if, every single thought you had today actually shaped the foundations of your reality before you even thought of doing anything about them? What if, instead of worrying about how much we did or didn’t do with our actions, or what was done to us by others, we began shifting the role of chief architect and engineer of our lives, to our brains?

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Galileo Commission:
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