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SMN Annual Gathering 2018:

Evolving towards a Wise and Flourishing Future

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Venue: Horsley Park, Surrey

The Scientific and Medical Network –
Exploring and expanding the frontiers of science, medicine and spirituality.

The Network is devoted to the emergence of a more enlightened world – a world in which the wisdom of spirituality and the thoughtfulness of philosophy balance the power of science and technology.

We recognise that our world is still plagued by deep problems and enduring conflicts. Many of these are caused by dogmatic, superstitious or ill-informed worldviews. However, we believe that individuals and societies can transform themselves.  The key is learning to integrate evidence-based science, born of rational philosophy, with the love and inner peace cultivated by spiritual practice. The Network is a worldwide community of professionals dedicated to this transformative task.

We invite you to join us in co-creating a paradigm shift to bring truth, beauty, health and well-being into harmony, and so help heal our fractured culture.  Membership is open to all who are sympathetic with our mission, aims and values. 

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Online Courses : Introducing our new learning platform

 We are currently offering the following courses:

Clash of BeliefsClash of Beliefs: Culture, Spirituality and Health: Meanings and Beliefs by  Natalie Tobert

Starting 11th January, this course explores various meanings ascribed to spirituality and discusses their relevance for medicine and healthcare.  It encourages participants to develop a positive awareness of cross-cultural understandings of the human body and its core experiences.  It raises awareness of beliefs which may influence a person’s access to health care. This training lies within the discipline of medical anthropology.

Running from 11th January 2018 to 3rd May 2018, at 2:30 UK time on a Thursday, this course is made up of fifteen sessions including:-

Spirituality and Cultural Meanings, Conception and human identity, Women and human behaviour, Human Body and Human Self, Mental Health and Wellbeing, Religious and Spiritual Experiences, Death Dying and Beyond, Survival Beyond Death, Cultural U-Turns, Communication. A synopsis can be found here.

Angelika M. Koch

Thriving With Homeopathy For The Whole Family by Dr. Angelika Maria Koch

A Practical Guide for the Whole Family, Carers, Nurses & Beyond

The comprehensive course Thriving With Homeopathy For The Whole Family facilitates everyone interested in living optimal health, present and future health care practitioners, carers as well as nurses with an in-depth understanding of homeopathy, its philosophy, and practical application. Next, to the main subject homeopathy, the student also will be introduced to the interrelationship between the Mind, Body, and Soul with their intricate communication channels and unlimited potentialities.

The curriculum is designed with beauty and mindfulness and not only serves the student with a wealth of information but also as a ‘feast of the senses’, welcoming the student to develop and employ the presented study material as a means to personal transformation.

A second course Thriving with Homeopathy for Birthing Live – A Practical Guide for Midwives, Doulas, Childbirth Educators and Nurses is also available.


Latest News

18th of May 2018 06:09 PM Link
A fascinating neurological connection between breathing and attention has been uncovered by researchers!
16th of May 2018 05:36 PM Link
Paradigm Explorer Issue 126 is Out Now! Non members can click the link below to read previews from some of this issues articles. Members can click the 'continue reading' link below each preview to read the articles in full. Don't forget to SHARE! 🤗 Warm wishes, The Scientific and Medical Network Team
11th of May 2018 05:40 PM Link
Do Trees Have a Heartbeat? What are the underlying mechanisms? Click the link below to read more on the topic in the Scientific and Medical Network's new blog post by Paul Kieniewicz. Don't forget to like, SHARE, and comment with your own thoughts!
4th of May 2018 10:19 PM Link
Dear friends of Eco-Philosophy,

On May 4th we are all observing Henryk Skolimowski's 88th Birthday as the Eco-Philosophy day. Our beloved Henryk is gazing on us celebrating him on earth from his abode in the galaxies!

Click to read the new article published today by Vir Singh.

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