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Network Review Winter 2000

Issue No: 74 Articles Message from the New Chair of Council – Chris Clarke Science and Wisdom – Compassion – Ravi Ravindra Tibetan and Western Models of Mind – Part 2 – David Fontana Initiative for a World Future Council – Jakob von Uexkull Crossing to Safety: Synchronicity and Soul-Making – Victor Mansfield Time’s a One Way Ticket – Or […]

Network Review Summer 2000

Issue No: 73 Articles Essay Review: Tibetan and Western Models of Mind – David Fontana Consciousness and Conquest – Christian de Quincey Being Scientific About Our Selves – Mary Midgley The Scole Event – Montague Keen The Scole Report – Some Implications for Parapsychology – Crawford Knox A View of Our Wholeness – Alan Smithson Healing with Intent – Toni Bunnell Reports Mystics and Scientists […]

Network Review Spring 2000

Issue No: 72 Articles Consciousness and the Snare of Civilisation – A Reappraisal of Human Evolution – Emilios Bouratinos Consciousness, Gravity and the Quantum: An interview with Sir Roger Penrose – Chris Clarke Madness and Mysticism: clarifying the mystery – Isabel Clarke Expanding Humanity’s Vision of God – Max Payne The Imaginal In Ancient Persian Religion and Modern […]