The Mystery of Perception During Near Death Experiences – Pim van Lommel – (Video)


In our prospective study of 344 patients who survived cardiac arrest we had to come to the surprising conclusion that all the reported elements of a Near-Death Experience (NDE) like an out-of-body perception, meeting with deceased relatives or a life review were experienced during a transient functional loss of the cortex and of the brainstem, with a flat line EEG. During their cardiac arrest people can have veridical perceptions from a position outside and above their lifeless body. NDE-ers have the feeling that they have apparently taken off their body like an old coat and to their surprise they appear to have retained their own identity with the possibility of perception, emotions, and a very clear consciousness.


  1. yassir

    The nonlocal consciousness perception takes place on an area outside of the human body, about 5 inches away, on the level of the navel, on the right side of the bodyd. The shamans of ancient Mexico call it “the assemblage point” because it is the point where perception is assembled.