A Quest for Meaning

We would like to share with you the film documentary A Quest for Meaning, which tells the story of two childhood friends who go around the world to meet the great thinkers of our time. In drawing together their messages and with great humor and optimism, Marc and Nathanael invite us to join them on their soul-searching quest, calling into question our vision of the world.

Here is the trailer:

And the website: www.aquestformeaning-themovie.com.

Based on collaboration from the beginning, it was co-produced and co-distributed by thousands of people inspired by it and wanting to spread its messages. Produced with a budget of 30 000 euros, the film has united over 170 000 citizens and 500 organizations around unique cinema-exchanges in France, Belgium, Switzerland and French Canada. Gathering citizens around a positive vision of the future, the film aims to put forward alternative initiatives working towards this vision.

If you would like to watch the film and/or organize a screening, contact: [email protected].