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The Gaian Bottleneck (or why Earth is special)

In 1950, Enrico Fermi reputedly exclaimed to his colleagues at Los Alamos National Laboratory, “Well, where are they?” He was talking about alien civilizations. If there’s nothing special about Earth, and there are millions of similar rocky planets in our galaxy then surely carbon-based life would have arisen many times, […]

Glow Of The Mind

How Close is Science to Understanding Consciousness?

In a recent panel discussion hosted by Science and Non Duality (SAND), posted on youtube, several top scientists and explore their current understanding on the nature of consciousness. Participating were, Stuart R. Hameroff, MD, Director of the Center for Consciousness Studies Julia Mossbridge, Ph.D., Director of the Innovation lab at […]

How Private are our Thoughts?

The nature of the human biological field (Biofield) and its relationship to the Earth’s field is a rapidly developing area of neuroscience research. Several recent studies of Michael Persinger and others at Laurentian University indicate that our thoughts may not be all that private after all. That we share our […]