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Jupiter and Galilean Moons

Buy the Galileo Commission Report

Visit the Galileo Commission website to learn more of our work. Buy the Galileo Commission Report was last modified: October 25th, 2018 by Richard Irwin


Sunita Pattani

Sunita Pattani is a psychotherapist based in London. She is particularly interested in how the quantum world-view informs psychotherapeutic practice,…Sunita Pattani was last modified: August 20th, 2018 by Web Master


Chantal le Roux

Chantal has a background in transpersonal psychology, special needs education and holistic healing. As a South African who lived in…Chantal le Roux was last modified: August 24th, 2018 by Web Master


Jevon Dangeli

Jevon Dangeli, MSc Transpersonal Psychology, Certified Transpersonal Coach and Hypnotherapy Practitioner, Certified NLP Trainer In addition to the Transpersonal Coaching…Jevon Dangeli was last modified: August 27th, 2018 by Web Master


Sharifa Al-Kindi

Sharifa Al-Kindi is a second-year student at Alef Trust, currently doing her Masters in Consciousness, Spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology. She…Sharifa Al-Kindi was last modified: August 15th, 2018 by Web Master


Jules De Vitto

I have recently completed the second year of my MSc in Transpersonal Psychology, Consciousness and Spirituality through Alef Trust. For…Jules De Vitto was last modified: August 13th, 2018 by Web Master


Erika Pratte

Erika Annabelle Pratte is a PhD candidate and lecturer at the University of Northampton where she is embarking on doctoral…Erika Pratte was last modified: August 13th, 2018 by Web Master

Dream of Nature

Tibor Putnoki visits Lampeter

Tibor Putnoki at Lampeter and venues throughout Wales Putnoki Tibor tells his story – a view from the audience at…Tibor Putnoki visits Lampeter was last modified: April 29th, 2018 by Richard Irwin