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Gaia and Natural Selection

Gaia and Natural Selection – A new perspective By Paul Kieniewicz   The observation that for over 3 billion years the Earth’s average temperature has remained within a narrow range, while the sun’s temperature has increased by 20 % required an explanation. The Gaia Theory, of James Lovelock and Lynn […]


Dark Night – Early Dawn

Reflections on other modalities of consciousness By Paul Kieniewicz Looking ahead to Chris Bache’s upcoming book, Diamonds from Heaven (see link to interview),  I decided to read his classic, Dark night Early Dawn. This is a book about other modalities of consciousness than those we typically experience in our daily […]


What is Consciousness? – Max Velmans

Rarely does one major publication on the nature of consciousness include articles on all its aspects — philosophical, mystical and neurological. The four volume set listed below, Consciousness, edited by Max Velmans, is an essential reference work for the serious researcher into the nature of consciousness. As is evident in […]


It Came from Outer Space!!!

By Paul Kieniewicz (SMN) A curious synchronicity hit me the other day. I had a lengthy discussion with my son in law about octopuses. According to a book he was recommending, octopuses have a highly specialized brain that has a totally different structure from the brains of vertebrates. This could […]


Do Trees have a heartbeat?

By Paul Kieniewicz (SMN) Sunflowers follow the movements of the sun. At nightfall some flowers close up their petals. Some legumes also show sleep movements. That some plants move with the circadian cycle is well-known. What about trees? It now appears that certain trees lower and raise their branches, not […]

Shared Death Research Project

By Paul Kieniewicz What follows is a letter from Raymond Moody describing an opportunity to contribute to a research project on shared death experiences. Please consider contributing.  What is a Shared Death Experience(SDE)?  Raymond Moody writes:In these experiences, bystanders who are close to a dying person experience many of the […]

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Seeking Wisdom

Seeking Wisdom – A Spiritual Manifesto Larry Culliford (SMN) University of Buckingham Press 2018, 124 pp., £7.99, p/b. Larry is a writer, physician and psychiatrist who was also one of the founding members of the Spirituality and Psychiatry special interest in the Royal College of Psychiatrists. In our time of […]


Further evidence that our Universe may be a ‘cosmic hologram’

Just over a year ago, a joint research study by a coalition of teams from four universities in Canada, Italy and the UK revealed the first observational and cosmological scale evidence to support the premise of our Universe being a cosmic hologram. They did so by analysing irregularities in an […]


Touching for Pain Reduction

Why do lovers hold hands? Because it feels good, brings comfort? It may also be sexually arousing. A recent study published in the Proceeding of the National Academy of science demonstrates that the wave patterns of the lovers’ brains also synchronize, and can result in significant pain alleviation. The study […]


Can the future affect the past?

Preposterous (def. Collins dictionary) adjective contrary to reason or common sense; utterly absurd or ridiculous. “a preposterous suggestion”           Synonym absurd, ridiculous, foolish, stupid, ludicrous, farcical, laughable, comical, risible, etc. The Latin origin of the word implies putting “the cart before the horse”.  That the future […]