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Transcending the Brain – At least some cases of physical damage are associated with enriched consciousness or cognitive skill

Despite significant advances in neuroscience, consciousness remains a vexing mystery. Because the qualities of experience seem to be irreducible to physical parameters,1 a hypothesis that has been garnering attention is that consciousness is fundamental and spatially unbound, the brain corresponding to a dissociation or localization of its contents.2At first sight, […]

electric rose

An electric rose by any other name….

That living processes in plants and animals involve electricity has been known for almost two centuries. Around 1900, the biologist J.C. Bose researched how living tissues generate electricity. He went as far as to propose that the flow of electricity in plant tissues mimicked that of animal nerve cells. Perhaps, […]

Bell’s Theorem – Is Everything Predetermined?

Is quantum entanglement real? When two photons are created at the same time, and then separated over some distance, are they still mysteriously in touch with each other, so that what one photon does affects what the other photon does — instantaneously? The concept was first quantified by Bell in […]

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Bioelectricity – Nature’s Book of Instructions

One of the today’s unanswered questions in developmental biology, is what causes an organism to grow from an egg and acquire the form that it does. The study of how living forms develop and acquire their final shapes occupied much of Goethe’s life, and inspired his theory of forms.  Since […]

GM Corn

Differences found between GMO and non-GMO corn

A recent article published by Sustainable Food Trust on 22 December 2016 in Farming, points out significant compositional changes between non-GMO corn, and Roundup-resistant GMO corn. The study was led by Dr Michael Antoniou at King’s College London. The report states, In-depth analysis of types of proteins (“proteomics”) and small biochemical molecules (“metabolomics”) revealed major compositional differences […]

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Making it Darker

Vera de Chalambert, spiritual storyteller and Harvard-educated scholar of comparative religion offers a unique view of the recent US Presidential Election. Donald Trump’s election cannot be explained by politics alone. It involved the awakening of the archetype of Kali, the Dark Mother, destroyer of illusions. Last year, Kali, the Hindu Goddess […]

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Digital Dementia

How does digital technology change the way the brain works? Is digital technology making us smarter? Do children learn faster using computers? Neuroscientist and philosopher, Manfred Spitzer, argues in this TV interview that digital technology is dangerous to the developing brain, and should be banned in education. It can cause […]


Consciousness and Entropy

What is the relationship of consciousness to the neurological activity of the brain? Does the brain behave differently when a person is fully conscious, when they are asleep, or when they are undergoing an epileptic seizure? A recent study by R. Guevara Erra, D. M. Mateos, R. Wennberg, J.L. Perez Velazquez of the […]