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Alfred Russel Wallace c.1895

Alfred Russel Wallace – a talk by Dr Howard Jones

On 14 May 2015 Dr Howard Jones lectured on Alfred Russel Wallace at Lampeter. Wallace was born into a humble family, in Monmouthshire, and was largely self-educated. He became a man of many skills and many interests, which in the 1840s extended to include spiritualism. Lamarck’s ideas were relatively new, […]

London Group – Meeting Reports 2016

November 2016 Atheist Spirituality The November presentation was given by Geoff Crocker, who has a career in business strategy working with international corporations, and who, following a re-evaluation of his relationship with the Anglican Church, developed a model of spirituality which he calls Atheist Spirituality. He is the author of An […]

London Group 01-2017 – Is the Sun Conscious?

We started the year on a high, with a full house and 35 people on the waiting list to hear Rupert Sheldrake. The question posed invites reflection that goes beyond the sun, galaxies and encompasses the whole universe. Rupert started by reminding us that many traditions and mythologies consider the sun as conscious even […]

Eternity Now

London Group 02-2017 – Science, Religion and the future of the Afterlife

This month we heard Dr. Peter Moore, an academic who back in 1972 pioneered the new area of Religious Studies at University of Kent, and later introduced an MA in the Study of Mysticism and Religious Experience at the same university with the late Leon Schlamm. Peter started by stating that […]