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Annual Gathering 2016 – Human Evolution at a Time of Global Crisis

Annual Gathering 2016 – Human Evolution at a Time of Global Crisis

8th July 2016 – 10th July 2016 – Horsley Park Speakers Dr Mick Collins Mick works as a Holistic Coach, specialising in transformative action. His career path includes working as an NHS Occupational Therapist in a psychological therapies team. He was a Lecturer for 10 years in the Faculty of […]

Green Fractal

Extending the Range of Science – by Chris Thomson

Chris Thomson has worked as an economist, a researcher in Chinese, a lawyer, and in think-tanks in Scotland and the USA. He now lives in the Catalan Pyrenees, and devotes himself to writing, mentoring and trying to make the esoteric exoteric. The following article argues for a new extended approach […]


Summary of members’ forum: SMN AGM on 5th July, 2015.

Within the next 10 years, the SMN will: Be a protective place and springboard for a new generation of scientists. Be an organisation which is challenging whatever is the current orthodoxy and continuing to be leading-edge. Hold events which are more participative and experiential – and have acquired the understanding […]

Aetheric Art

Annual Gathering 2016 – Abstracts

AGM 2016 Abstracts Conscious Evolution: from the Esoteric to the Exoteric Dr Chris Thomson There is no reason to suppose that human evolution has stopped. Indeed, our evolution seems to be continuing in at least four respects – physically, in consciousness and understanding, in character and behaviour, and in ability […]

Meditations on the Angels – The Seven Chakra

Meditations on the Angels has been described by listeners as original, powerful, beautiful and unique. Composed and performed by Richard Irwin, it is an album of seven contemplative pieces suitable for individual meditation and for healing. The meditations were written with the intention of providing healing and have been successfully […]

Read, Tim, Dr.

Dr Tim Read is a medical doctor, psychiatrist and psychotherapist based in London. He was Consultant Psychiatrist at the Royal London Hospital for 20 years. He has trained in psychoanalytic therapy (IGA) and in transpersonal therapy with Stanislav Grof. He is a certified facilitator of Holotropic Breathwork. Tim is co-founder […]