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  • Network Review Winter 2009 Issue No: 101 Editorial: Time to Raise our Game – A personal view from the Chair – John Clarke Articles The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World –Iain McGilchrist Reclaiming a Life of Quality –Brian Goodwin Spiritual Alchemy: When Trauma and Turmoil Lead to Spiritual Awakening – Steve Taylor The Participatory Turn – The Plurality of Religions and the Spirit of Pluralism –Jorge N. Ferrer Interview ...
  • Network Review Spring 2009 Issue No: 99 Articles Sitting on Both Sides of the Fence (and above it too)– Marilyn Monk The Master and his Emissary– Iain McGilchrist Darwin’s Ghost at the Birthday Party– David Loye Participative Inquiry and Group Musical Improvisation– Clement Jewitt From Banks & Ditches to Dowsing Two-Dimensional Geometry– Jeffrey S. Keen After Gauquelin What Next?– John D. Ralphs Recent Developments in Science and Medicine – ...
  • Network Review Winter 2008 Issue No: 98 Editorial: Some More Thoughts on Tighropes – A Personal View– Chris Lyons Articles The Moral Bankruptcies of our Civilisation– Ben Okri Restoring Harmony and Connection: Inner and Outer– A speech by HRH Prince of Wales Happiness and the Teaching of Values– Richard Layard The Not-Yet-Developed World: Investigating the Parallels between Adolescence and Modernity– Oliver Robinson The State of Global Emergency– ...
  • Network Review Summer 2008 Issue No: 97 Editorial: Third Thoughts on Tightrope Walking – Martin Redfern Articles The Metaphysics of Near-Death Experience – David Lawton The Blissful Brain: Neuroscience and the Proof of the Power of Meditation – Dr Shanida Nataraja Four Ways to Meet the Ecological Challenge (after Matthew Fox): a Psychologist’s Perspective – Isabel Clarke Why I Believe our World Needs More Spirituality not More Religion– Serge Beddington-Behrens The Way ...
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Call for Papers – 2019 SSE Conference

The theme for the 38th annual meeting of the Society for Scientific Exploration will be *Consilience*: Developing the Foundations of a New Scientific Paradigm.* /*Consilience refers to the principle that evidence from unrelated sources, especially science and the humanities, can converge and produce unified conclusions./ The conference will take place […]

Diamonds from Heaven: A 20 year psychedelic journey

In this presentation I will share some of the boundaries crossed and lessons learned in my 20 year psychedelic journey reported in Diamonds from Heaven (forthcoming). Seventy-three high dose LSD sessions conducted between 1979-1999 became the philosophical adventure of a lifetime, but one I had to keep largely hidden from […]

Online Courses

The Blind Can See During Near Death Experiences

In their book Mindsight, Dr. Kenneth Ring and Sharon Cooper report on in-depth interviews with 31 people who were fully or partially blind and had a near-death experience where they could see. One of their subjects was Vicki Noratuk who had been blind from birth when she was involved in a car […]

Electromagnetic Waves

Harnessing the Bioelectric Potential of Cells for Regeneration

Michael Levin, biologist at Tufts university discusses the role of electricity in healing and regeneration of lost organs or limbs. In a series of remarkable experiments, he showed how organisms contain information on how to heal wounds or regenerate limbs. In one experiment, by changing the voltage of certain cells, he […]

Glow Of The Mind

Further Reaches of Consciousness Research

“I regard consciousness as fundamental, matter is derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.” – Max Planck Consciousness is one of the hottest topics in science, which is why we established the interdisciplinary Beyond the Brain […]

Larry Dossey presentation

Is the Soul Obsolete? Video Presentation by Larry Dosseyblo

Dr. Larry Dossey is an internal medicine physician, former Chief of Staff of Medical City Dallas Hospital, and former co-chairman of the Panel on Mind/Body Interventions, National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, National Institutes of Health. He is executive editor of the peer-previewed journal Explore: The Journal of Science […]

Dying is Unexpectedly Positive

Anyone who has sat at the bedside of a person who is terminally ill will notice that as death approaches, the subject often feels a burst of positive emotions. Contrary to our popular culture, where death is seen as frightening, something to be avoided, the dying don’t necessarily feel that […]

Digital Media and Early Child Development

Editorial by Paul Kieniewicz Anyone visiting their child’s classroom today will be impressed at how the computer, and other digital media have established themselves as teaching / learning tools. A recent New York Times article, How Google Took over the Classroom, relates how much of this advance is driven by […]

Michael Persinger

Michael Persinger on the Neurology of NDEs

What happens in the brain during a Near Death Experience? Does an EEG flat-line mean that there is no brain activity during a NDE? Alex Tsakiris questions neurologist Michael Persinger on his views about NDEs, neurological research and veridical events reported by NDE patients. Persinger, a researcher at Laurentian University […]