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World Climate about to Warm by 1 Degree

Editorial by Paul Kieniewicz, December 2015 According to sources at the UK Met Office, the world is officially about one degree warmer than in pre-industrial times. There is nothing magical about the one degree figure except that it is half the way to 2 degrees, regarded by many climatologists as […]

Beehives Funded by the Scientific and Medical Network Installed in Kenya

A letter from Dr. Lucy King, speaker at the SMN Mystics and Scientists Conference 2015. In response to her presentation, members collected £2,015 toward beehive fences to protect two Kenyan villages against elephant incursions. I hope all is well! I just wanted to send you a file of images to […]

Laudato Si… Respect for our Earth

June 2015. Pope Francis’s recent encyclical, “Laudato Si” is likely to go down as one of the most significant documents published in our time. No other is likely to have comparable impact on our society.  Most important, it is more than a document. This is church teaching that may reach […]

Head Transplant or Body Transplant?

Would you like to donate your head to science along with your other organs?  Or have a head transplant because you don’t like the shape of the rest of your body? Is that a head transplant or a body transplant? The question is by no means academic nor whimsical.  According […]

The Scientific and Medical Network members sponsor Bee Fences in Kenya

Following a presentation by elephant researcher Lucy King at the 2015 Mystics and Scientists Conference, members raised £1459 towards the purchase of Bee Fences to protect at least two villages in Kenya from foraging elephants. Together with Gift Aid secured from Lord Andrew Stone, the total gift is £2,015 (matching […]