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Network Review Winter 1997

Issue No: 65 Editorial Experiment and Experience – David Lorimer Articles Goethe’s Organic Vision – Henri Bortoft –> broken link Consciousness — Creativity — Responsibility – Ervin Laszlo –> broken link The Myth of Medical Education – Zoë Playdon –> broken link Birth and Death: Passwords to the Human Spiritual Encounter – Andrew Powell –> broken link Consciousness in Yoga Philosophy – Mick Burley –> […]

Network Review Summer 1997

Issue No: 64 Editorial Madness in the Method – Mary Midgley Articles Inter-disciplinary Consciousness Studies – Emilios Buratinos The Inner Eye of Consciousness – Don Eldridge A Matter of Mind or Matter – Kim Jobst Return to the Meeting Place for Art, Science and Spirituality – Peter Chadwick The Aura and Reality – Bob Cripps –> broken link Why Dossey is an […]

Network Review Spring 1997

Issue No: 63 Editorial Financial Imperatives for the Network Articles Energy Talk – Larry Dossey The Moving Ground Cosmos – Henrik B. Tschudi The Field Substance of Mind: A Hypothesis – Robert A. Charman Dialogue of Henri Bergson – David Lorimer and Rupert Sheldrake Time: a Challenge to Physics? – Michael Friedjung Reports Spirituality and Medicine, […]

Network Review Summer 1996

Issue No: 61 Editorial The Network Ethos: a personal view – Diana Clift Articles Frequently Asked Questions about Parapsychology: a ‘State of the Art’ Review – Editor: Dr. Dean I. Radin Language in the Human Potential Movement – Dr. Lawrence LeShan The New Physics and the Wholistic Self – Emmanuel Ransford Fuzzy Thinking – Prof. Guy […]

Network Review Spring 1996

Issue No: 60 Articles A Meeting Place for Science, Art and Spirituality: The Perception of Reality in Insane and ‘Supersane’ States –Peter Chadwick Creativity, Science and Spirituality: their essential unity – Stanley Jacobs The End of the Indeterminacy Principle? – Alexander Imich Treading or Threading through the Moral Maze? – Kevin McCarthy The […]

Network Review Winter 1995

Issue No: 59 Articles Crime and Nourishment – Derek Bryce-Smith Evolution and the Transcendence of Mind – Theodore Roszak New Age, Old Risks: the perils of tolerance – Guy Claxton Natural Science in German Romanticism – Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke Crick’s Question – Norman Walter Language, Communication – and Art – Peter Petersen The Effect of the Earth’s Magnetic […]

Network Review Summer 1995

Issue No: 58 Articles The Healing Effect: Complementary Medicine’s Unifying Principle? – David Hodges & Tony Scofield The Nature of Energy – Christopher Thomson Science Fiction or Fact? – Fotini Pallikari-Viras Reports 18th Mystics and Scientists 1995: The Water of Life – Julian Candy Time, Chaos and the Laws of Physics: The 1995 May […]

Network Review Summer 1987

Issue No: 34 Editorial Articles Rumbling the Replicator – Professor Brian Goodwin –> broken link Philosophy and the Brain – Dr Alex Comfort Four Basic Factors of Therapeutics According to Ancient Indian Medical Science – Peter Glover  –> broken link Psychoanalysis and Holistic Thinking – Dr Margaret Arden  –> broken link One Aspect of the Work of L. Ron Hubbard of […]

Network Review Spring 1987

Issue No: 33 Editorial Articles The Mystical Experience of Loss of Freedom – A Political Prisoner –> broken link Transplants and Brain-Death – Neville Hodgkinson –> broken link Science and The Modern World – A. N. Whitehead –> broken link The Relevance of Astrology – Beata Bishop –> broken link Reports Integral Approaches to Aids – Dr. Christopher Thomson International Conferences of Eastern […]