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Network Review Spring 2001

Issue No: 75 Articles Manifesto for an Integral Science of Consciousness – ed David Lorimer A New Paradigm for Life Beyond genetic determinism – Richard Strohman Science and Religion as Ways of Knowing – Piet Hut Antidote and the Network: Mind the Gap – David Brazier Consciousness and Health: another perspective from India – Natalie Tobert Is Consciousness an Epiphenomenon? I Think […]

London Group – Meeting Reports 2000

December 2000 Rupert writes: PHILLIP BEACH gave a compelling talk at our July meeting about how he has synthesized the Eastern discipline of Acupuncture within his own work in Western Osteopathy. For two thousand years the Chinese have utilised fourteen meridian lines in ancient acupuncture based on touch and the […]

Network Review Winter 2000

Issue No: 74 Articles Message from the New Chair of Council – Chris Clarke Science and Wisdom – Compassion – Ravi Ravindra Tibetan and Western Models of Mind – Part 2 – David Fontana Initiative for a World Future Council – Jakob von Uexkull Crossing to Safety: Synchronicity and Soul-Making – Victor Mansfield Time’s a One Way Ticket – Or […]

Network Review Summer 2000

Issue No: 73 Articles Essay Review: Tibetan and Western Models of Mind – David Fontana Consciousness and Conquest – Christian de Quincey Being Scientific About Our Selves – Mary Midgley The Scole Event – Montague Keen The Scole Report – Some Implications for Parapsychology – Crawford Knox A View of Our Wholeness – Alan Smithson Healing with Intent – Toni Bunnell Reports Mystics and Scientists […]

Network Review Spring 2000

Issue No: 72 Articles Consciousness and the Snare of Civilisation – A Reappraisal of Human Evolution – Emilios Bouratinos Consciousness, Gravity and the Quantum: An interview with Sir Roger Penrose – Chris Clarke Madness and Mysticism: clarifying the mystery – Isabel Clarke Expanding Humanity’s Vision of God – Max Payne The Imaginal In Ancient Persian Religion and Modern […]

London Group – Meeting Reports 1999

December 1999 RUPERT TOWER writes: On August 1st GEORG FEUERSTEIN gave an illuminating overview of the essentials of yoga, and chose to focus on Hatha-Yoga, meaning ‘force’ or ‘forceful’ yoga. This is the form of yoga best known in the West, though its deeper spiritual and philosophical foundations are rarely […]

Network Review Winter 1999

Issue No: 71 Editorial The Network is Changing – or is it? – Chris Clarke and Julian Candy Articles What a Piece of Work is Man: Humanism, Religion, and the New Cosmology – Theodore Roszak Time: A Dimension of Consciousness or of Actual Reality? – Kurt Dressler Rebalancing the Masculine and the Feminine – Anne Baring God, Science and Jnani : […]

Network Review Summer 1999

Issue No: 70 Articles Editorial – What Does the Network Stand For? – Max Payne Review Article – Miracle in the Void: The New Energy Revolution – Dr Brian O’Leary and Stephen Kaplan Cancer and Morphogenetic Fields – Eli Erich Lasch The Unexplained Powers of Animals – Rupert Sheldrake Parmenides and the Origins of Western Thought – An Interview with […]

Network Review Spring 1999

Issue No: 69 Articles Editorial – New Educational Initiative – Peter Fenwick and Max Payne The Blaker Foundation – Exploring the Frontiers of Science and Human Experience – Joan Walton Holistic Science Comes of Age – Brian Goodwin A New Teaching Centre in London – Michael Baigent Morality, Metaphor and Dreaming: A New Perspective – Montague Ullman From Water Memory to […]

London Group – Meeting Reports 1998

November 1998 RUPERT KINGLAKE TOWER writes: The group met on the 26th November at the home of BARONESS EDMEE DI PAULI and heard a dynamic and stimulating lecture by PROF. DR DAVID SCHWEITZER about his recent successful work in photographing thoughts impregnated in water. DrSchweitzer argues that water can act […]