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Network Review Summer 1998

Issue No: 67 Articles Glancing Back and Forth – George Blaker The Basic Concepts of Alternative Medicine and their Impact on our Views of Health – Stephen Fulder Mammon Gone Mad: the dangers of biotechnology – Moyra Bremner Interview with Ken Wilber – Network Unsolicited Altered States of Consciousness – Natalie Tobert Love as a Cosmic Force – John Broomfield Vitamin […]

Network Review Winter 1998

Issue No: 68 Articles How to Understand and Experience Love – Peter Fenwick The Right Temporal Lobe and Associated Limbic Lobe Structures as the Biological Interface with an Interconnected Universe – Melvin Morse Lessons from the Light: What We Can Learn from the Near-death Experience – Kenneth Ring Molecules of Emotion: Martin Redfern interviews Candace Pert – Martin […]

Network Review Spring 1998

Issue No: 66 Editorial Guest Editorial – Peter Fenwick Articles Dowsing: a Review – Anne Miller Yoga and the future Science of Consciousness: some notes – Ravi Ravindra On Consciousness and Medievalism – Chris Nunn Personal Consciousness Development in the Network – Arthur Ellison Integrated Healthcare: A Way Forward? – HRH The Prince of Wales Mind over Matter? The Art of […]

London Group – Meeting Reports 1997

September 1997 RUPERT KINGLAKE TOWER writes: The North London Group held a meeting at the house of Baroness Edmee di Pauli on 24 September. Owing to an administrative mix-up we were bereft of our planned speaker that evening, which allowed for spontaneity and discussion of various interest topics ranging across […]

Network Review Winter 1997

Issue No: 65 Editorial Experiment and Experience – David Lorimer Articles Goethe’s Organic Vision – Henri Bortoft –> broken link Consciousness — Creativity — Responsibility – Ervin Laszlo –> broken link The Myth of Medical Education – Zoë Playdon –> broken link Birth and Death: Passwords to the Human Spiritual Encounter – Andrew Powell –> broken link Consciousness in Yoga Philosophy – Mick Burley –> […]

Network Review Summer 1997

Issue No: 64 Editorial Madness in the Method – Mary Midgley Articles Inter-disciplinary Consciousness Studies – Emilios Buratinos The Inner Eye of Consciousness – Don Eldridge A Matter of Mind or Matter – Kim Jobst Return to the Meeting Place for Art, Science and Spirituality – Peter Chadwick The Aura and Reality – Bob Cripps –> broken link Why Dossey is an […]

Network Review Spring 1997

Issue No: 63 Editorial Financial Imperatives for the Network Articles Energy Talk – Larry Dossey The Moving Ground Cosmos – Henrik B. Tschudi The Field Substance of Mind: A Hypothesis – Robert A. Charman Dialogue of Henri Bergson – David Lorimer and Rupert Sheldrake Time: a Challenge to Physics? – Michael Friedjung Reports Spirituality and Medicine, […]

Network Review Summer 1996

Issue No: 61 Editorial The Network Ethos: a personal view – Diana Clift Articles Frequently Asked Questions about Parapsychology: a ‘State of the Art’ Review – Editor: Dr. Dean I. Radin Language in the Human Potential Movement – Dr. Lawrence LeShan The New Physics and the Wholistic Self – Emmanuel Ransford Fuzzy Thinking – Prof. Guy […]

Network Review Spring 1996

Issue No: 60 Articles A Meeting Place for Science, Art and Spirituality: The Perception of Reality in Insane and ‘Supersane’ States –Peter Chadwick Creativity, Science and Spirituality: their essential unity – Stanley Jacobs The End of the Indeterminacy Principle? – Alexander Imich Treading or Threading through the Moral Maze? – Kevin McCarthy The […]