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Alan Wallace

Alan Wallace began his studies of Tibetan Buddhism, language, and culture in 1970 at the University of Göttingen and then continued…Alan Wallace was last modified: Apr 19th, 2018 by Web Master

Wallace, B. Alan, Dr. BSc

Dr. Alan Wallace – a scholar and practitioner of Buddhism since 1970 – has taught Buddhist theory and meditation worldwide…Wallace, B. Alan, Dr. BSc was last modified: Apr 12th, 2017 by Richard Irwin

Oxford Circlet

Honorary Members

Honorary Members of the Scientific and Medical Network Capra, Fritjof, Dr. (US), physicist and systems theorist, founding director of the Center…Honorary Members was last modified: Oct 23rd, 2018 by Web Master

Meditation Mandala

Essay Review: Tibetan and Western Models of Mind

Any attempt to help neuroscientists and Tibetan Buddhists to understand each other is of potential value. At the very least,…Essay Review: Tibetan and Western Models of Mind was last modified: Apr 28th, 2018 by WebTeam