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Monk, Marilyn. Prof.

Marilyn Monk is an academic research scientist in the fields of molecular biology, early development and cancer.  She is Emeritus Professor of Molecular Embryology at UCL London and, previously, Honorary Professor at University of Melbourne, and Adjunct Professor at Monash University in Australia.  Her research covers DNA replication and repair […]

Monk, Marilyn Professor Emeritus

Professor Marilyn Monk is a research scientist in the field of developmental biology who worked at the University of Edinburgh until 1974 and then for 30 years at the Institute of Child Health at University College London until retiring in 2004. She is Professor Emeritus in Molecular Embryology at the University […]

Network Review Summer 2010

Issue No: 103 Editorial: The Challenge of the New – Bernard Carr Articles A Proposed New Paradigm of Matter, Mind and Spirit – Bernard Carr A Post-modern Emissary: moving forward from McGllchrist – Chris Clarke Recent Developments in Science and Medicine – Marilyn Monk Synthesising a DNA Genome is a Major Feat – but is […]

Network Review Summer 2009

Issue No: 100 Editorial: Network Review 100 not out – David Lorimer Articles Crisis as Opportunity: Seizing the Moment for a new Renaissance – Oliver Robinson, John Clarke, David Lorimer Sustainability for the Next 50 Generations – Henryk Skolimowski Why Us? Dualism Resurgent – James Le Fanu You are Brilliant and the Earth is Hiring – Paul […]