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Shanta, Bhakti Niskama, Dr

Missing Persons: Has Science Taken the Wrong Turn?

Dr. Bhakti Niskama Shanta: Missing Persons: Has Science Taken the Wrong Turn? The tremendous accomplishment of mechanistic thinking have created a false conviction among scientists that the only types of causation pertinent to the scientific venture Aristotle’s material and efficient causes. Thus, modern civilisation tends to be about mechanical machines, […]

Jupiter and Galilean Moons

Commission for Extended Science

Dear Friends and Colleagues Under the auspices of the Scientific and Medical Network (www.scimednet.org) and following the publication of a number of manifestos calling for a wider and deeper science, we are proposing to establish a Commission for Extended Science. You will see the rationale and remit of the Commission […]

Jupiter and Galilean Moons

Galileo Commission – Members and Advisors

Galileo Commission Committee David Lorimer (France), Programme Director SMN Richard Irwin (UK), Director SMN Hardin Tibbs (UK), futurist/researcher Advisers Dr Eben Alexander III (US), neurosurgeon Prof Imants Baruss (Canada), psychologist Dr Mario Beauregard, (US) neuroscientist Dr Laurin Belgg (US), ICU physician Dr Edi Bilimoria (UK), engineer Prof Etzel Cardena, (Sweden), psychologist […]

Green Fractal

Extending the Range of Science – by Chris Thomson

Chris Thomson has worked as an economist, a researcher in Chinese, a lawyer, and in think-tanks in Scotland and the USA. He now lives in the Catalan Pyrenees, and devotes himself to writing, mentoring and trying to make the esoteric exoteric. The following article argues for a new extended approach […]