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Beyond Mysticism West and East: Towards a Global Spirituality

Prof Ursula King: Beyond Mysticism West and East: Towards a Global Spirituality My lecture is an invitation to think about mystical spirituality in an inclusive, integral way, transcending all divisions through integration rather than negation. Weaving together different strands from Western and Eastern mystical traditions it will ask about the […]

The Life Play

Poynton, John, Professor MSc PhD

Professor John Poynton, MSc, PhD  is a past President of the Society for Psychical Research where he continues to fulfil a variety of duties as Hon. Secretary as well as other important academic work elsewhere. In 1992 he received an Order of Merit in South Africa. His life-long interests are […]

Art and Mysticism – Part 2

Paul continues his critique of the mystical experience of art, the direct perception of beauty open to all of us. The Interior [Read Part 1 here] Now let’s return to State of Life for another level of interpretation.  What makes Perrault’s work so captivating is that it symbolises the aspect […]

Art and Mysticism – Part 1

Paul introduces the reader to the mystical experience of art – direct perception of beauty, which we can all experience. I confess from the outset that I am uncomfortable with the word “mysticism.”  It is an important word, there is no doubt about it, but it has taken on meanings […]