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The Eco-philosophy Day

Eco-philosophy promotes unity of all life By Vir Singh May 4, 2018 Former professor of philosophy at Michigan University, and father of eco-philosophy Henryk Skolimowski, would have turned 88 today had he not passed away in Poland on April 6. But he has left behind a rich legacy of practical […]

The Philosophy of Idealism in India and the West

Prof Keith Ward, FBA: The Philosophy of Idealism in India and the West One of the first religious books I read was by Radhakrishnan, who expounds an Indian version of Idealism. Later I came across Hegel, a German Idealist who seemed to have no idea of the depth of Indian […]

Muni, Bhakti Vijnana, Dr

Towards a more Harmonious Concept through the Synthesis of Vedanta and Science

Dr. Bhaktivijnana Muni: Towards a more Harmonious Concept through the Synthesis of Vedanta and Science  Although Science and Technology have made great advances, we still lack comprehensive concepts about life. Biology has not been able to explain the concept of life. The frontiers of Science in the 21st century are […]

Diamonds from Heaven: A 20 year psychedelic journey

In this presentation I will share some of the boundaries crossed and lessons learned in my 20 year psychedelic journey reported in Diamonds from Heaven (forthcoming). Seventy-three high dose LSD sessions conducted between 1979-1999 became the philosophical adventure of a lifetime, but one I had to keep largely hidden from […]

Ravi Ravindra

Ravi, Ravindra, Professor, PhD B.Sc. M. Tech

Born and partly educated in India Ravi Ravindra moved to Canada for further studies. At different times he held Post-doctoral fellowships in Physics (University of Toronto), History and Philosophy of Science (Princeton University) and in Religion (Columbia University). He is now Professor Emeritus at Dalhousie University in Halifax (Canada) where […]

Wallace, B. Alan, Dr. BSc

Dr. Alan Wallace – a scholar and practitioner of Buddhism since 1970 – has taught Buddhist theory and meditation worldwide since 1976. Having devoted fourteen years to training as a Tibetan Buddhist monk, ordained by H. H. the Dalai Lama, he went on to earn an undergraduate degree in physics […]

Schweitzer, Albert, Dr.

Albert Schweitzer (14 January 1875 – 4 September 1965) was a French-German theologian, organist, philosopher, and physician. He was born in the province of Alsace-Lorraine and although that region had been annexed by the German Empire four years earlier, and remained a German possession until 1918, he considered himself French and wrote […]