Catalysing a Paradigm Shift Scientific & Medical Network with The Laszlo Institute   Continental Meeting Villagio Globale, Bagni di Lucca   September 28- 1 October   Chaired by David Lorimer (SMN) and Joe St Clair (Laszlo Institute)   The word ‘paradigm’ was popularised by Thomas Kuhn in his seminal book structure of Scientific Revolutions in […]

LAUNCH OF GALILEO COMMISSION REPORT Science beyond a Materialist Worldview PROF DR HARALD WALACH Chaired by Dr Peter Fenwick and David Lorimer Thursday 31 October, 7-9 pm Lucas Theatre, King’s College London (Strand Campus), WC2R 2LS   Supported by an eminent international advisory board, the Galileo Commission ( has consulted widely before producing this landmark […]

Click Here to be redirected to the Booking Page   I regard consciousness as fundamental, matter is derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness. There is no matter as such; it exists only by virtue of a force bringing the particle […]

The Scientific and Medical Network Sacred Acoustics – Journey into the Heart of Consciousness with Dr Eben Alexander III Karen Newell Monday 5th November 2018 10:00 am – 5:00 pm Swedenborg Society 20-21 Bloomsbury Way London WC1A 2TH Chaired by David Lorimer and Dr Oliver Robinson   JOURNEY INTO THE HEART OF CONSCIOUSNESS Transcending the […]

The Quest for Harmony: A unifying principle in spirituality, science, sustainability and healthcare November 17, 2018, Canterbury Cathedral Precinct, CT1 2EH Scientific and Medical Network with The Temenos Academy The Resurgence Trust The College of Medicine The Health and Wellbeing Trust The Sustainable Food Trust Speakers Prof Keith Critchlow (film), Dr Rosy Daniel, Richard Dunne, Patrick […]