Words That Remember – The Phenomenon of Holocaust Literature

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Words That Remember — The Phenomenon of Holocaust Literature

International Conference in Sichow Duzy, Poland

Poland has endured a long history of political and cultural trauma, of which none was greater than the Holocaust (1939-1945). Seventy years later the psychological and spiritual fallout of the Holocaust and the Occupation is still felt. Generations are haunted by complex feelings of shame. To address this, we offer the workshop, “Words that Remember – The phenomenon of Holocaust literature”. The workshop (Oct 23-30) will use poetry as a container to speak to the traumatic events of the Holocaust, using the tools of depth psychology. Events will be led by leading Jungian psychologists: Armand Volkas (Playback Theatre), Karni Ishai from Israel, and Frank Seeburger, with other talks by Joanna Tokarska-Bakir, and Thomasz Zukowski.

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