Over the years, the group has evolved to embrace changing times. For many years it went under the name One Spirit North Wales, part of the national initiative ‘The One Spirit Alliance‘ (OSA). The aim has always been to act as a focal point for any group or individual committed to a ‘shared heart’ and spiritual depth in what we say and do in life.

Whilst bringing such organisations together and presenting a united front to the general public, each group retains their own unique focus. Thus, a key intent of the group (in keeping with the SMN remit) is activities to encourage and enable mainstream researchers and teachers (e.g. from Bangor University and other local HE establishments) to meet, discuss and share experiences and practices with their spiritual/holistic counterparts operating in the region.

Since 2016 the public face of SMN in North Wales has been ‘Bangor … Beyond Meetup’: https://www.meetup.com/Bangor-Beyond/, which acts as the local group for SMN, OSA and the Alister Hardy Trust.

In addition to organising occasional meetings with a specific educational intent (e.g. past meetings in conjunction with Bangor University’s Confucius Institute), we also promote events from kindred organisations such as the local United Nations Association.

Given our very small numbers (due to the rural nature of the area), our regular ‘meeting’ is deliberately phrased as an ‘opportunity’ to meet and share and allowed to take place (or not) according to the flow of the moment. That is, we practice a Taoist approach which is very much appreciated by our regulars.

For meeting updates, please join Bangor … Beyond Meetup.