In Memory of Dr. John Rowan

John was a long-standing member of the Scientific and Medical Network who presented at our 40th anniversary annual meeting in 2013.


John Rowan (31st March 1925 – 26th May 2018) was an English author, counsellor, psychotherapist and clinical supervisor, known for being one of the pioneers of humanistic psychology and integrative psychotherapy. He worked in exploring transpersonal psychology, and wrote about the concept of subpersonality.

Rowan was a qualified individual and group psychotherapist (UKAHPP and UKCP), a Chartered counseling psychologist (BPS) and was an accredited counsellor (BACP). He worked in private practice in London.

He described his therapeutic approach as Humanistic, Existential, Authentic, Relational and Transpersonal. He was an exponent of the idea of the dialogical self, a later development of subpersonalities theory.