Renew Your Membership

We are delighted that you are considering renewing your membership of the Scientific and Medical Network and look forward to welcoming you at our many talks and conferences. The Scientific and Medical Network is a leading international forum for people engaged in creating a new worldview for the 21st century. The Network brings together scientists, doctors, psychologists, engineers, philosophers, complementary practitioners and other professionals, and has members in more than thirty countries. Our acclaimed Paradigm Explorer is published three times each year and contains many articles by leading thinkers, book reviews and much more.

In 2018 the Board presented new simplified subscription options, leaving just three Standard (£60), Concessionary (£40) and Donor (£150). At the same time, because of changes to Data Protection Legislation (known as GDPR) and the requirements for the SMN to comply with the new law, we now make a distinction between Members and Friends of the Network.

  • If you choose to be a Member you must be willing to add your profile details to our online Members Directory and share them with other Members.
  • If you choose to be a Friend then you will not be expected to share your profile information and you will not have access to the Members Directory.

Friends and Members all receive the same benefits included in your subscription:

  • Paradigm Explorer (formerly Network Review) journal published three times a year.
  • Early-bird and discount access to conferences and events.
  • Monthly e-newsletter for members with email.
  • Promotion of contacts between leading thinkers in our fields of interest e.g., see our honorary members.
  • For our blog discussing current and controversial topics and science, medicine and spirituality click here.
  • A website with a special area for Members including discussion groups, forums, and past copies of published material.
  • Book reviews of recently published books.
  • Regional groups which organise local meetings e.g., the London group
  • Downloadable MP3’s and videos from our conferences.
  • White papers on our key conferences and meetings.
  • SMN Thinking Challenge papers by leading scientists or medics.

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*By joining you agree that we may send you notices of events organized by the SMN and by local/ national groups. If in the future you decide that you no longer wish to receive a particular category of notices you may unsubscribe by responding to such a notice by an email with the subject “unsubscribe”