Sharifa Al-Kindi

Sharifa Al-Kindi is a second-year student at Alef Trust, currently doing her Masters in Consciousness, Spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology. She has opted for Transpersonal Dreaming and Contemporary Spirituality as her optional modules during her first year. Her interests revolve around experiences of non-local consciousness, such as OBEs, NDEs and Lucid Dreaming. She is also interested in personal spirituality, trauma or death related awakening/transpersonal ideas and experiences, including how deeper levels of the psyche affect one’s physical world. She believes that she is the first person to study transpersonal psychology in Oman and would like to use her knowledge to advance spiritual and psychological understandings in the region. She understands that this journey is a long one but is confident that it is worthwhile. In the future, Sharifa aims to create an innovative platform for interfaith and inter-spiritual dialogue, in an attempt to foster tolerance and peace.