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Subject: Report of the SMN meeting held on 26th November 2016 and details of the next meeting 26th February 2017

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Report of the meeting held on November 26th.
At the meeting on November 26th  Lindsay Mell spoke on the topic  Beyond Duality – Towards Transformation.
Lindsay began by quoting the song by Neil Diamond, “I am.. I said.  He then talked about Vasubandhu an early Buddhist philosopher. Vasubandhu composed many works on the main Buddhist schools and also argues with non-Buddhist , Orthodox (Hindu) positions. He went on to discuss the Major Arguments from the Treasury of the Abhidharma and the “Disproof of the Self” and his exclusive dichotomy (real & causal vs unreal & conceptual) which serves not only as a tool for refusing a separate self but also as a method of denying apparent subject/object relations or apparent substance/quality relations and translating them into linear, causal series. Lindsay outlined the principles regarding  Momentariness and Continuity. A lively discussion ensued.
We thank Lindsay for an interesting afternoon.

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