Levin, L ‘Celestial Twins: The Codes of Destiny’

Celestial Twins the codes of destiny by Elizabetha LevinCelestial Twins: The Codes of Destiny by Elizabetha Levin, Ph.D.


Reviewed by Jon and Troya Turner

 For me the two most striking questions from these comparative stories are:

  1. Why do bad things happen to good people?
  2. Can it be that the non-genetic temporal Theta-factor is even stronger than all the known factors responsible for shaping our personalities and lives?   – Elizabetha Levin, Ph.D.

In decades of reading and reviewing books, occasionally one comes to hand which is exceptional: Celestial Twins: The Codes of Destiny is such a sparkling gem. Academic, Dr. Elizabetha Levin, has pioneered a new and fascinating Research Field which she calls the Effect of Celestial Twins (ECT) combining Prebirth Psychology and Astrology and including History and Biography. Her ventures into the vastness of her meticulous research began some 20 years ago when she had a severe accident while on a skiing holiday in Germany. Reading through old papers about Nazis leaders Hermann Goering and Hitler’s Number 2 Alfred Rosenberg, Levin discovered an interesting detail; both were born on the same day, January 12, in the same year, 1893. Peaking her Academic curiosity, tracing key events in the lives of both men, Levin recognized very clear parallels for both Capricorns. Theses discoveries lead to two decades of intense research into the provable birth times and lifetime patterns of illustrious individuals born on the same day and year. Geography did not show as significant as some of her candidates where born on the same country, most in different countries. The main factor for life-paths events appeared to come from much higher realms; the positions of the very stars shining in the heavenly spheres above the Celestial Twins as first breaths enlivened their new born bodies.

Through what she calls the Theta Factor, Levin articulately invites readers to share her discoveries with a brief foundation into the disciplines we explore together and the strict parameters of the methodology she uses in her research.

Throughout history there have been speculations about the Astrological impacts on human beings but there has never been scientifically based evidence of such possible phenomena until Levin’s precise methodological investigations. For us, coming from the field of Prebirth Psychology without any background in Astrology, the most delightful aspect of reading Celestial Twins is to read Levin’s comprehensive descriptions of the lives of her research candidates.

Illustrative of what Levin hypothesizes as the Theta Factor, through the 12 Signs of the Zodiac, readers are drawn into the lives of Cancerian ‘Lost at Sea’  writer Ernest Hemingway, Libran ‘King of Life’ Oscar Wilde, political icon Tauran Nancy Astor, Sagittarian King George VI, and ‘Master of Sound’ musical genius Pablo Casals. We were particularly moved by the revelations in Levin’s exploration into the twinship in the lives of Leo ‘Explorers of the Human Soul’ Psychologist/Philosopher Carl Gustav Jung and Poet/Philosopher Antonio Machado. Commenting on the possibilities of Astrology, Jung once wrote:  “I dare say that we shall one day discover a good deal of knowledge that has been intuitively projected in the Heavens.” Levin’s research may bring Jung’s insight a little bit closer.

Commenting on the link between Astrology and modern holistic theories in Physics, Levin quotes Theoretical Physicist David Bohm: “…the two things are internally related to each other – so that knowing the truth about one thing would ultimately involve knowing the truth about all things and promoting the good of one thing would involve the good of all things.” Levin delves deeper through Bohm’s Holomovement Theory in which he suggests that each region of space time contains the total order of the Universe. This includes the past, the present and future. According to Bohm, by analogy to a hologram, in which any portion of it contains information on the whole object imaged, so also any portion of the implicate reality involves every other portion and contains the total structure of the Universe, the whole. In this concept no human act, no element of life or of environment is an island, any more than is an individual person. If mind and matter arise from the common ground and are therefore indirectly immanent in each other, the changers in any part of the Universe are as if reflected in all the other parts.

While some personalities explored in Celestial Twins are recognizable leaders in their fields, the discovery of lesser known 20th Century giants in the human panorama is a satisfying discovery and revelation for the reader. Celestial Twins: The Codes of Destiny, available in English, Hebrew and Russian, is an altogether stimulating and satisfying visit into the mind of an energetic and encompassing intellect exploring and inviting future explorations into new frontiers in contemporary sciences. itle

Jon RG & Troya GN Turner, Grootebroek, The Netherlands

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