Annual Gathering 2016 – Abstracts

AGM 2016 Abstracts

Conscious Evolution: from the Esoteric to the Exoteric

Dr Chris Thomson

There is no reason to suppose that human evolution has stopped. Indeed, our evolution seems to be continuing in at least four respects – physically, in consciousness and understanding, in character and behaviour, and in ability and capacity. Leaving aside the physical for the moment, we seem to be making reasonable progress in what we know (and how we know it), how we behave towards each other and the planet, and what we can do (technology is just one part of this). Much of this progress is successful adaptation to change. If that is not evolution, what is?

In the short space of my lifetime there has been an exponential growth in personal development. Millions of people are working to raise their consciousness and understanding, improve their behaviour and character, and increase their abilities and capacities. In other words, they are doing what they can to influence the shape and pace of their own evolution. That is conscious evolution.

I believe that, without necessarily knowing it, they are also preparing themselves for something greater. I imagine this as a great leap forward in our consciousness and understanding, in our character and behaviour, and in our abilities and capacity.

Although we cannot say exactly how this will look, we do have some useful precedents, particularly   when we examine the changes that took place in people when they went through an esoteric training. It is surely significant, for us today, that the successful graduates of the esoteric schools, in Egypt, India, Greece and other places, had greatly raised consciousness and understanding, a much stronger, more mature character, and abilities and capacities that went far beyond the norm.

That training was esoteric (i.e. “for the few), probably for very good reasons. I believe that the time is right to make this training exoteric (“for the many”), partly because so many people now seem to be ready and willing to go in this direction, but also because we know so much more about the world and ourselves. I will talk about how this “exoteric training” might look in practice.

Doing and the next evolutionary threshold

Dr Mick Collins

Doing has played a pivotal role in our species evolutionary journey; from technological developments, such as tool-use by hunter-gatherers, through to the cultivation of early agricultural settlements. The rise of the industrial revolution and todays information age have seen unprecedented changes in the ways many human beings live. Yet, our technological prowess has had unintended consequences, such as how our modern activities have contributed to a warming climate and ecological degradation. Today, we stand at the threshold of a new evolutionary shift, one that our future survival as a species is dependent upon. Humanity is now faced with questions about what we will do as an adaptive response to manage the crisis we have created. We need to consider that many of our current ways of doing are outmoded and tethered to an ever-burgeoning and self-serving technocracy. We need to reflect on the possibility that the global crisis is a spiritual crisis, which has not been helped by the neglect of our collective transformative potential. We need to rediscover the relationship between doing with depth (archetypal occupations) and living with a more expansive understanding of consciousness. We need a re-sacralised vision, where the numinous is an active and dynamic force, enriching our communal relations and developments. We need to believe that by our efforts we can co-create an improved future for all, including other species and nature as a whole. It is time to cross the threshold.

Aethericism and Aetheric Art


Degard has invented the term ‘Aethericism’ which believes that everything that has ever happened in the universe is stored and recorded in the ‘aether’. The concept of Aethericism has long been known but is given specific definition here. The ‘Aetheric Record’ contains the vibrational energy of particles of everything, in all dimensions, through all time. Degard will be launching a new art movement, to be called Aetheric Art, in the very near future. Aetheric science is also to be encouraged. An aetheric artist looks to engage with the Aetheric Record as the basis, or inspiration, of their work. This engagement takes many forms and can and does exist into all the arts. Aetheric Art (painting), Degard works currently with the Aetheric Pure (portraits) of individuals, focusing currently on celebrities past and present.  In her work she reveals the authentic Aetheric Pure of these public figures. Degard will be showing a couple of slides of her work whilst introducing these basic concepts.

A Human Love Story

Matthew Hopwood

A Human Love Story is a project that initiates the creation of sharing spaces where people can explore the love stories of their lives and share them with others.  In these sharing spaces individuals can experience powerful instances of convergence, and unifying acts of communion. This drawing together of individuals can provide a nurturing ground for deep connection and the emerging roots of ‘community’.

Using experiences gathered whilst journeying with A Human Love Story I will explore the idea that love stories can be used as powerful tools in bringing about something akin to Syntropy in our interactions with others, ourselves and the universe.  I will show how these sharings can initiate unifying experiences that not only explore love and connection but continuously create new loving narratives.  I will also express the hope that these micro-changes of building loving narratives on the personal level can be initiated and scaled up at every level of human interaction—in how we choose to respond to local or global issues, and in every aspect of society where there is division, injustice, fear, and separation; in every place where there is disconnection.

Meditations on the Angels – a music led healing meditation on the Seven Chakras

Richard Irwin

Meditations on the Angels has been described by listeners as original, powerful, beautiful and unique. Composed and performed by Richard Irwin, it is an album of seven contemplative pieces suitable for individual meditation and for healing.

The meditations were written with the intention of providing healing and have been successfully used for this purpose, but only for a limited number of subjects. One therapist indicated that the music seemed to connect well with autistic children. The music was inspired by the concept of Western concept of angel voices, combined with Eastern ideas about the benefits of meditation for health, balance and spiritual enlightenment. Each movement uses one of seven different ancient modal scales designed to harmonise with the seven Chakras.  Unlike most meditation music, the effect is designed to engage the emotions.

Unexpected Places: Experiencing the Imaginal World

Clement Jewitt

Addressing human evolution at this time of crisis should include discussion of extraordinary experiences indicative of access to Corbin’s mundus imaginalis, and requiring Rowan’s third tier thinking to elucidate. I expect the principal speakers will include something of this.  I would like to discuss a particular type of experience which is easily overlooked, therefore possibly far more common than may be suspected. This I will call visits to ‘Mystical Cities’, following Veronica Goodchild and others. There are plenty of accounts, from Sufis, Yogis and others describing wondrous realms.  I want to focus on the contemporary ordinary, whereby an individual, or a group, has no idea that anything has happened which is not exactly located in physical reality, unless the place is revisited, and found to be unaccountably different.  Jung’s Ravenna experience is one example.  The two English ladies at Versailles a century ago is another.  I aim to illustrate with some of my own experiences.  I am after further examples, perhaps for a book.  These are emphatically not NDEs, but may be a class of OBEs.

Evolution and Psychic Ability: a Revolution in the Making

John Poynton

At least some mammals and birds can on occasion show psychic ability, as has been documented notably by Rupert Sheldrake.1 Equally well founded is the ability of at least some humans to show psychic ability.2 As a field biologist I have generally found that psychic ability is not clearly displayed by animals in the wild; the innumerable strategies of ambush and stalking would not work if prey species could detect predators by remote viewing or a sense of being stared at. Also, psychic ability is shown only weakly, if at all, by most human individuals. I would say that from the point of view of organic evolution, psychic ability is ambiguous, although a sense of spatial localisation and direction seems widespread.1

From the view of cultural evolution in humans, whatever psychic ability individuals may possess tends to be suppressed in a materialist culture. But with the accumulation of positive data by psychical research/parapsychology, and an understanding of what inhibits psychic perception, conditions may become more favourable for the acceptance of psychic ability. The more it becomes accepted, the more it will be cultivated and developed, leading possibly to exponential growth. The full consequences of this evolution are not generally taken into account. Jason Jorjani2 in particular has recently explored disturbing consequences in his identification of a coming “spectral revolution”. Mainstream acknowledgement of the paranormal would “pose a challenge to every pillar of our extant social structure and conception of self.” Telepathy and clairvoyance demolish privacy of thought, action, and self; precognition could upset our concept and dealings with the future. Psychokinesis could be used in crime; reincarnation would require redefining our entire legal system. We would be entering an entirely different conceptual world; one currently destined to extreme resistance from established science and elsewhere. Yet with the genie out of the bottle, we have a revolution in the making. It would impact on cultural evolution, and possibly organic evolution if there is a genetic linkage with psychic ability.

[1] Sheldrake, R. 1999. Dogs that know when their owners are coming home and other unexplained powers of animals. London: Hutchinson.

[2] Jorjani, J.R. 2016. Prometheus and Atlas. London: Arktos

Soul Sickness and Soul Healing

Rulin Xiu, PhD

Institute of Soul Healing and Enlightenment

30 Wertheim Court, Unit 27D, Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 1B9, Canada

[email protected]

What is the root cause of all sicknesses and challenges, including relationship, finance, and intelligence, in our lives? According to Quantum Physics and Soul Mind Body Science System, the root cause of all sicknesses and challenges is the soul sickness.

Soul sick is caused by the harmful information in our vibrational field. The harmful information is the outcome of the harmful actions that we have conducted in the past. Soul healing is crucial and essential for healing our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body, as well as relationship, finance, our environment, and every aspect of our life and our world.

In this work, we will explain the soul sickness from quantum physics point of view. We will discuss the characteristics of soul healing. We will teach people some soul healing techniques. Participants will receive and experience some powerful soul healing to transform every aspect of their lives.