Galileo Commission – Members and Advisors

Galileo Commission Committee

  • David Lorimer (France), Programme Director SMN
  • Richard Irwin (UK), Director SMN
  • Hardin Tibbs (UK), futurist/researcher


  • Dr Eben Alexander III (US), neurosurgeon
  • Prof Imants Baruss (Canada), psychologist
  • Dr Mario Beauregard, (US) neuroscientist
  • Dr Laurin Belgg (US), ICU physician
  • Dr Edi Bilimoria (UK), engineer
  • Prof Etzel Cardena, (Sweden), psychologist
  • Prof Bernard Carr (UK), physicist and cosmologist
  • Dr Jude Currivan (UK), cosmologist, healer and author
  • Dr Ulisse Di Corpo (Italy), statistician
  • Dr Larry Dossey (US), physician
  • Dr Peter Fenwick (UK), neuropsychiatrist
  • Prof Jorge Ferrer (US), psychologist
  • Paul Hague (Sweden), systems architect
  • Prof Stuart Hameroff (US), neuroscientist
  • Paul Kieniewicz (Poland), physicist and geologist
  • Prof Stanley Krippner (US), psychologist
  • Dr Ervin Laszlo (Italy), systems theorist and President of the Club of Budapest
  • Dr Iain McGilchrist (UK), neuropsychiatrist and philosopher
  • Prof Tom McLeish FRS (UK), physicist
  • Prof AK Mukhopadhyay (India), consciousness researcher
  • Dr Andrew Powell (UK), psychiatrist
  • Prof John Poynton (South Africa), zoologist
  • Prof Dean Radin, (US), parapsychologist
  • Prof Ravi Ravindra (Canada), physicist
  • Dr Alan Rayner (UK), biologist
  • Dr Marilyn Schlitz (US), anthropologist, parapsychologist
  • Dr Gary Schwartz (US), neuropsychiatrist
  • Dr Rupert Sheldrake (UK), biologist
  • Prof Richard Tarnas (US), philosopher
  • Dr Natalie Tobert (UK), medical anthropologist
  • Dr Pim van Lommel (Netherlands), cardiologist
  • Prof Max Velmans (UK), psychologist
  • Dr Joan Walton (UK), consciousness researcher, York St John University
  • Prof Marjory Hines Woollacott, (US), neuroscientist

If you wish to play a part, please contact David Lorimer using the form below:

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