Consciousness and the Double Slit Experiment

At the recent  Science of Consciousness conference held in Tucson, Arizona, Dean Radin delivered a talk that summarized more than ten years of research on the influence of the mind on a quantum level. He explained that not only are his positive results with the double-slit experiment statistically robust, but they have been replicated by many laboratories throughout the world. On a quantum level, our consciousness has a measurable effect on the behavior of elementary particles.

In his talk, Consciousness and the Double Slit Experiment, he concludes that the traditional view of consciousness needs to change. Rather than being viewed as the outcome of physical and biological processes, consciousness must be viewed as having a causative role. More basic than physics. While his experiments do not solve the “hard problem” of how consciousness and the brain interact, they suggest that the problem may be more tractable if we acknowledge the primacy of consciousness and its influence on a quantum level.