Dr. Rosalind Pearmain

Dr. Rosalind Pearmain has been practising and sharing Heartfulness as a trainer for more than thirty-five years. She has worked in education throughout her life on aspects of empowerment and transformation for women, teenagers, children, adults, in both formal and informal educational settings involving the community, health and public sector. A former course director for Integrative Psychotherapy in Regents University, she carried out doctoral research on meditation and transformational aspects of learning. (Her book ’The Heart of Listening: Attentional Qualities in Psychotherapy and Counselling’ (Sage 2001 integrated spiritual, psychotherapeutic and neuro scientific aspects of the heart) Currently, she is teaching Masters and Doctoral students qualitative methods in psychotherapy at the Minster Centre and sharing Heartfulness in Oxfordshire and UK. Fundamentally, beyond psychotherapy and education, she has found Heartfulness to offer the most profound transformation at all levels. In simply focusing on the heart, with the help of yogic transmission, we connect with the deepest source of intelligence which integrates inner and outer aspects of self and world.