John Kapp – Could Psi Effects and Astrology be Caused by an ‘A’ Field?

The author laments the restrictions placed on scientists by the current materialist, reductionist, mechanistic paradigm, which makes them deny and dismiss psi effects, (including synchronicity, and syntropy) astrology, and consciousness as illusions, delusions or epiphenomena of the brain.

He believes in the existence of an ‘A’ field, in which partlcles can become entangled, which is non local, so is beyond 3 dimensional space time, and it could help explain how psi effects, astrology, life and consciousness works.
He will explore the evidence, and quote books on this subject written by his father (republished on and upward and downward causation, by Amit 2008.

He will discuss the difference that this belief would make to Science, and conclude that scientists would then be free to investigate these phenomena with integrity, instead of closing their minds to keep their grants, resulting in a great leap forward for humanity.