Keith Critchlow

keithcDr. Keith Critchlow is a world-renowned expert of sacred architecture. He is president Emeritus of the Temenos Academy and Founder of the Visual Islamic and Traditional Arts Programme at the Princes’s School of Traditional Arts. Prof. Critchlow, a leading expert in sacred architecture, also founded Kairos, a society that investigates, studies, and promotes traditional values of art and science.

Prof. Critchlow’s contributions to World Wisdom’s books on sacred art include such pieces as his forewords to Titus Burckhardt’s extraordinary work Chartres and the Birth of the Cathedral (revised), and the compilation of Burckhardt’s writings on Christian art in general, The Foundations of Christian Art: Illustrated (edited by Michael Fitzgerald), which won a Midwest Book Gold Award and a Benjamin Franklin Silver Award. In addition, Keith Critchlow wrote a foreword to the book of Frithjof Schuon’s writings on sacred art, Art from the Sacred to the Profane: East and West (edited by Catherine Schuon).