London Group Events 2003

November, Friday 14th 2003

David Lorimer

Radical Prince – The Practical Vision of HRH The Prince of Wales

David is the Programme Director of the Network. His new book about the ideas and work of the Prince of Wales in the context of an ecological, holistic and spiritual world view will be coming out the week of this talk.

October, Friday 17th 2003

Erlendur Haraldsson – Contact with the Dead’ What the Human Values Research Project Tells Us

In the Human Values Survey that was conducted in most countries of Western Europe and the USA in the early 1980s, 25% percent of Europeans and 30% of Americans reported having felt that they were ‘really in contact with someone who had died’. There were large national differences, Icelanders and Italians topping the list with the lowest percentage among Danes and Norwegians. What is the nature of these experiences? Who are the dead thus contacted? Under what circumstances do these alleged contacts with the dead take place? Through in-depth interviews conducted with 350 Icelanders reporting such experiences answers to these and many other questions were sought and obtained.

Erlendur Haraldsson (Ph D) is Professor of Psychology at the University of Iceland in Rekyavik and an active researcher on paranormal phenomena with numerous publications in scientific journals. In the 70s he did his internship with Prof. Ian Stevenson of the School of Medicine of the University of Virginia with whom he worked and published several papers. He is author of four books that have appeared in many languages, among them ‘Miracles are my visiting cards’ on the phenomena associated with Sai Baba, and ‘At the Hour of Death’ a unique study of deathbed-visions that he wrote with Karlis Osis. Please see

Erlendur Haraldsson`s website

September, Tuesday 16th 2003

Warren Kenton A Kabbalistic View of the Psyche and Spiritual Development

In this slide illustrated talk an outline of the structure and dynamics of the psyche will be given. Then the process of development is followed leading to an access to one transpersonal, spiritual and divine levels of reality. Ancient, medieval and modern views and terms are synthesized to make an intelligible model.

Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi is the Hebrew name of Warren Kenton who has published twelve books on Kabbalistic topics, which have been translated into fourteen languages. He has taught groups for over forty years and on every continent. He sees it as his task as a Levite to present Kabbalah to anyone who wishes to know what life and Existence is about. You can visit