London Group – Meeting Reports 1998

November 1998

RUPERT KINGLAKE TOWER writes: The group met on the 26th November at the home of BARONESS EDMEE DI PAULI and heard a dynamic and stimulating lecture by PROF. DR DAVID SCHWEITZER about his recent successful work in photographing thoughts impregnated in water. DrSchweitzer argues that water can act as a liquid memory or tape recorder capable of storing information, which can be transformed by the transmission of thought. The way that we perceive and conceptualize our world creates and influences directly our notions of reality, asserts Dr Schweitzer, and makes us who and what we are. His research indicates that the impact of positive thought can act on the fluids of the body, so that blood cells express themselves with a language based on sacred geometry, colour, and harmonious shapes, and that the medium for this transformation is water. The interaction between positive thinking and water (the alignment of body consciousness with soul consciousness) can be photographed under the microscope, and shows that light particles, or somatids, modify, develop certain formations, and become more intense in the presence of positive thought. Dr Schweitzer also demonstrated compelling structural differences in examples of holy water as compared to standard water. In conclusion, he stressed the need for balance and body consciousness informed by soul consciousness in order to maintain a healthy, stress-free lifestyle, and emphasized that it is important for all of us to try to be aware always about the motives, expectations, and perceptions that lie behind our actions. The power of thought can heal rather than harm when the heart (emotions) is in tune with the intellect, especially when contained within a favourable physical environment.

Approximately 35 members and friends attended an inspiring and provocative talk in January, much interspersed with humour, by SOLIHIN THOM, entitled Transforming the Symbol -; the Caduceus. The event was generously hosted by RICHARD and LOUISE GRAHAM.

Solihin sketched his progress from initial training in traditional cranial osteopathy to founding his own multi-disciplinary practice in 1980, where he combined osteopathic physical medicine with adjunct complementary therapies including acupuncture and homeopathy, which he ran for eleven years. In the process, he explained that he began to develop an interest in kinesiology as a feedback tool for gathering client information, which led to the discovery of a new language of some 900 or so mudras or hand modes. These diagnostic tools became an invaluable form of communication which facilitated his understanding of the nature, essence and unique dynamic of each individual client. Solihin describes the totality of his work Inner Natures Integration, which encompasses Opening Human Potential, Life Forces, Cranial Fluid Dynamics and Rhythm.

Solihin defined his understanding of the Life Forces by use of an analogy of a house with four levels: The basement symbolizes our Material Foundation, the soil within which lies embedded our genetic inheritance, old culture, old patterns, and ancestral family dynamics. The next level, the living room, represents our feelings, the Vegetative Force which nourishes us, repairs and provides for us so that we can feel safe and contained. At the next layer, the bedroom, lies our Animal Force; the force within us that acts, takes power, relies on instinctive patterns, uses will, is motivated, and from where derives our sexual energy. The fourth level, the attic, embodies our Human Force, which includes the intellect, knowledge, beliefs, and social dynamics. At this level our brain becomes the interface between Spirit and Matter, and attempts to integrate the above and the below. Beyond this emanates the fifth Life Force, which represents our true identity, our noble self, the owner of the house, an energy that stands autonomous to the lower forces. In order to attune to the Self and the Spiritual, the Human level must surrender to the fifth Life Force.

Symbolically, then, as Solihin went on to say, the three elements of the caduceus -; the wand, the single or double helix, and the pair of wings -; represent the connectors between Life Forces, synonymous with neural pathways. For Solihin, the wand stands for Integrity, the straight path, and the penis; the helix for Flexibility, the dhikr; and the pair of wings for the Reflective Mind, vision, far-sightedness. Yet ultimately, as Solihin emphatically stressed, as individuals we can only shine like a diamond or alchemical gold by letting go and surrendering ourselves to the Universal Source.

Solihin ended his talk by demonstrating the use of the mudras as diagnostic tools by dialoguing, with a volunteer from the audience on a personal issue, and in so doing revealed to us the process of his work.

The North London Group was most fortunate to be asked to co- host a special session in conjunction with the Noetics Group in March. DR LEONARD SHLAIN, one of the Networks US members, gave an enlightening and compelling illustrated lecture entitledArt and Physics` which provoked animated discussion from the audience. The event was held in the home of NONA FERDON DAVIS, who kindly hosted the evening.

Leonard introduced his hypothesis by saying that although Art and Physics ostensibly seem to have little in common, they are connected in that revolutionary art and visionary physics are both investigations into the nature of reality. They have unique forms of language, but both explore the same fundamental interrelationships between Space, Time and Light. The artist communicates this through images, symbols and metaphor, the physicist through numbers and equations, and yet both forms of expression can be perceived as parallel paths in the search for Truth, Beauty, and Meaning.

He then outlined briefly the basic assumptions of Space, Time and Light through history, making reference to ancient, mediaeval and Newtonian paradigms in Art and Science. Now, in the closing decade of the twentieth century, to many Art has become increasingly more inscrutable, and Physics rapidly more impenetrable.

Leonard supported his central assertion that Art and Physics are intimately inter-connected by demonstrating that three visionary art movements of this century -; Cubism, Fauvism, and Futurism -; actually anticipated in visual language the scientific discovery of the era, Einsteins Theory of Relativity. He went on to explain, using slides as illustration, how this was so. Cubisms exploration of Space, wherein Picassos typical images portray the multiple sides of an object simultaneously, shared common ground with Einsteins Train of Relativity approaching the speed of light. Fauvisms dramatic declaration of independence for colour to supersede line and composition gave prophetic expression of Einsteins view that Light was the quintessence of the universe. Marcel Duchamp, a key figure of the Futurist movement, rendered diagrammatically in his Nude descending a staircase no. 2 (1912), a lucid representation of what happens to Time approaching the speed of light, where his nude manages to exist in the Past, Present, and Future all in the same moment. He gave visual expression to Einstein`s Theory of Relativity and Time.

Hence, Leonard concluded, Universal Mind is the moving force behind our Zeitgeist, speaking through the works of revolutionary, right-brained, intuitive artists first, and later through left-brained, visionary, rational physicists. New scientific discoveries of Quantum Theory, the Theory of Complementarity, and Chaos Theory, are fusing the out there with the in here. Art and Physics provide complementary views of reality, and these two perspectives invite us to change the way we see and consider the world. Leonard Shlain`s book, Art and Physics, is available in paperback in the US (Quill William Morrow, New York, 1991). His web site is