Monk, Marilyn Professor Emeritus

Professor Marilyn Monk is a research scientist in the field of developmental biology who worked at the University of Edinburgh until 1974 and then for 30 years at the Institute of Child Health at University College London until retiring in 2004. She is Professor Emeritus in Molecular Embryology at the University of London. Studies include the mechanisms of replication and repair of DNA, cell signalling and intercellular communication, regulation of gene expression in development, deprogramming and formation of totipotent stem cells and transgenerational epigenetic inheritance. Clinically, she has led to developments in assisted reproduction and early diagnosis of genetic disease, and the isolation and identification of new embryo/cancer genes towards prevention, treatment or cure of cancer. In addition to her scientific career, she has a longstanding interest in philosophy, psychology, religion and spirituality and is qualified as a Psychosynthesis Counsellor and Alexander Technique Teacher.