Network Journal

  • Network Review Summer 1999

    Network Review Summer 1999

    Issue No: 70 Articles Editorial – What Does the Network Stand For? – Max Payne Review Article – Miracle in the Void: The New Energy Revolution – Dr Brian O’Leary and Stephen Kaplan Cancer and Morphogenetic Fields – Eli Erich Lasch The Unexplained Powers of Animals – Rupert Sheldrake Parmenides and the Origins of Western Thought – An Interview with Peter Kingsley Integration of Spirituality and Medicine Continues in US – Larry Dossey Reports The Science ...
  • Network Review Summer 1998

    Network Review Summer 1998

    Issue No: 67 Articles Glancing Back and Forth – George Blaker The Basic Concepts of Alternative Medicine and their Impact on our Views of Health – Stephen Fulder Mammon Gone Mad: the dangers of biotechnology – Moyra Bremner Interview with Ken Wilber – Network Unsolicited Altered States of Consciousness – Natalie Tobert Love as a Cosmic Force – John Broomfield Vitamin B6 – What Next? – Major Gordon Smith Boring but Important: the Fluoride Issue – Peter Mansfield Reports Tuscon III: ...
  • Network Review Summer 1997

    Network Review Summer 1997

    Issue No: 64 Editorial Madness in the Method – Mary Midgley Articles Inter-disciplinary Consciousness Studies – Emilios Buratinos The Inner Eye of Consciousness – Don Eldridge A Matter of Mind or Matter – Kim Jobst Return to the Meeting Place for Art, Science and Spirituality – Peter Chadwick The Aura and Reality – Bob Cripps –> broken link Why Dossey is an Energy Monist – Mark B. Woodhouse Stresspeak – Angela Patmore Progress by Critique – Ronald Pearson –> broken link Reports Twentieth Mystics and Scientists Conference – Lew ...
  • Network Review Summer 1996

    Network Review Summer 1996

    Issue No: 61 Editorial The Network Ethos: a personal view – Diana Clift Articles Frequently Asked Questions about Parapsychology: a ‘State of the Art’ Review – Editor: Dr. Dean I. Radin Language in the Human Potential Movement – Dr. Lawrence LeShan The New Physics and the Wholistic Self – Emmanuel Ransford Fuzzy Thinking – Prof. Guy Claxton Free Energy? Water as Fuel? – Dr. Roger Taylor Reports The Seventh Continental Members’ Meeting: ...
  • Network Review Summer 1995

    Network Review Summer 1995

    Issue No: 58 Articles The Healing Effect: Complementary Medicine’s Unifying Principle? – David Hodges & Tony Scofield The Nature of Energy – Christopher Thomson Science Fiction or Fact? – Fotini Pallikari-Viras Reports 18th Mystics and Scientists 1995: The Water of Life – Julian Candy Time, Chaos and the Laws of Physics: The 1995 May Dialogue – David Lorimer The Study of Consciousness and the Physical Universe: St. Petersberg ...
  • Network Review Summer 1987

    Network Review Summer 1987

    Issue No: 34 Editorial Articles Rumbling the Replicator – Professor Brian Goodwin –> broken link Philosophy and the Brain – Dr Alex Comfort Four Basic Factors of Therapeutics According to Ancient Indian Medical Science – Peter Glover  –> broken link Psychoanalysis and Holistic Thinking – Dr Margaret Arden  –> broken link One Aspect of the Work of L. Ron Hubbard of Special Interest to the Network – Dr Edward C. Hamlyn  –> broken link International Holistic University ...
  • Network Review Spring 2015

    Network Review Spring 2015

    Editorial – Bernard Carr Articles A New Era of Complexity for the 21st Century – the Interactionist Turn – Laurence Foss Humanity’s Increasing Effects on Earth’s Environments: The Anthropocene Epoc – Victor Gostin Philosophy Lives – a philosophical journey – Gareth Morgan Being Fully Human. Core Content for the Network? – Chris Thomson Mind the Gap – Joseph Stiglitz The Free Will Debate ...
  • Network Review Spring 2014

    Network Review Spring 2014

    Editorial – Ioannis Syrigos Learning from Leonardo – Fritjof Capra Cancer Care – The Missing Links – Beata Bishop Being of Good Character – James Arthur Recent Developments in Science and Medicine – Marilyn Monk Using Words to Go Beyond Words: Poetry, Spiritual Texts and Awakening Experiences – Steve Taylor Interview on Spiritual Activism – Serge Beddington-Behrens Sustainable Medicine: The Rebirth of ...
  • Network Review Spring 2013

    Network Review Spring 2013

    Editorial – Bernard Carr Articles TED: a Choice Point – Charles Eisenstein Persons of Tomorrow: Expressing our 21st century Copetencies – Maureen O’Hara and Graham Leicester Collective Leadership: from Silos to Shared Intelligence – Sarah Rozenthuler Why the Development of Good Character Matters more than the Passing of Exams – Anthony Seldon Recent Developments in Science and Medicine – Marilyn Monk Resolving the Conflicts over Assisted Death – Sir Patrick ...
  • Network Review Spring 2011

    Network Review Spring 2011

    Issue No: 105 Editorial: Heresies and Paradigm Shifts – Bernard Carr Articles An Image of Global Integrity: The parameters of an enlightened global society– Anthony M. Hodgson A New Renaissance, A Point of View – Eleanor Stoneham Art and Mysticism – Paul Stiles The Holographic Soul – Ian Lawton Recent Developments in Science and Medicine – Marilyn Monk An Open Eye on Early Education – Grethe Hooper Hansen A Dog Session – Ulrich Kramer Reports Correspondence Network News Book ...
  • Network Review Spring 2010

    Network Review Spring 2010

      Editorial: A People’s Revolution – a personal message from the chair – John Clarke Articles Seeking a New Paradigm of Matter, Mind and Spirit – Bernard Carr Aim and Structure of the SMN: a Silent Dog – Frank Parkinson Humanity’s Collective, Evolution-of-Consciousness Adventure – Martin Lockley and Ryo Morimoto Compassion and Life’s Challenges – Paul Gilbert Recent developments in science and medicine – Marilyn Monk “A theory you can’t explain ...
  • Network Review Spring 2009

    Network Review Spring 2009

    Issue No: 99 Articles Sitting on Both Sides of the Fence (and above it too)– Marilyn Monk The Master and his Emissary– Iain McGilchrist Darwin’s Ghost at the Birthday Party– David Loye Participative Inquiry and Group Musical Improvisation– Clement Jewitt From Banks & Ditches to Dowsing Two-Dimensional Geometry– Jeffrey S. Keen After Gauquelin What Next?– John D. Ralphs Recent Developments in Science and Medicine – ...
  • Network Review Spring 2008

    Network Review Spring 2008

    Issue No: 96 You can download the pdf here.
  • Network Review Spring 2007

    Network Review Spring 2007

    You can download the pdf here.
  • Network Review Spring 2006

    Network Review Spring 2006

    Issue No: 90 You can download the pdf here.
  • Network Review Spring 2005

    Network Review Spring 2005

    Issue No: 87 You can download the pdf here.
  • Network Review Spring 2004

    Network Review Spring 2004

    Issue No: 84 You can download the pdf here.
  • Network Review Spring 2003

    Network Review Spring 2003

    Issue No: 81 Not available
  • Network Review Spring 2002

    Network Review Spring 2002

    Issue No: 78 You can download the Review here.
  • Network Review Spring 2001

    Network Review Spring 2001

    Issue No: 75 Articles Manifesto for an Integral Science of Consciousness – ed David Lorimer A New Paradigm for Life Beyond genetic determinism – Richard Strohman Science and Religion as Ways of Knowing – Piet Hut Antidote and the Network: Mind the Gap – David Brazier Consciousness and Health: another perspective from India – Natalie Tobert Is Consciousness an Epiphenomenon? I Think Not! – Max Velmans A Simple PK Training Device – Roger Taylor Science, Consciousness and Ultimate Reality Award ...
  • Network Review Spring 2000

    Network Review Spring 2000

    Issue No: 72 Articles Consciousness and the Snare of Civilisation – A Reappraisal of Human Evolution – Emilios Bouratinos Consciousness, Gravity and the Quantum: An interview with Sir Roger Penrose – Chris Clarke Madness and Mysticism: clarifying the mystery – Isabel Clarke Expanding Humanity’s Vision of God – Max Payne The Imaginal In Ancient Persian Religion and Modern Experience – Paul Devereux A Broader Look at the Spiritual Emergence Experience: Implications for ...
  • Network Review Spring 1999

    Network Review Spring 1999

    Issue No: 69 Articles Editorial – New Educational Initiative – Peter Fenwick and Max Payne The Blaker Foundation – Exploring the Frontiers of Science and Human Experience – Joan Walton Holistic Science Comes of Age – Brian Goodwin A New Teaching Centre in London – Michael Baigent Morality, Metaphor and Dreaming: A New Perspective – Montague Ullman From Water Memory to Digital Biology – Jacques Benveniste Two Views of Consilience – Max Payne and Brian Goodwin Science as an ...
  • Network Review Spring 1998

    Network Review Spring 1998

    Issue No: 66 Editorial Guest Editorial – Peter Fenwick Articles Dowsing: a Review – Anne Miller Yoga and the future Science of Consciousness: some notes – Ravi Ravindra On Consciousness and Medievalism – Chris Nunn Personal Consciousness Development in the Network – Arthur Ellison Integrated Healthcare: A Way Forward? – HRH The Prince of Wales Mind over Matter? The Art of Holistic Medicine – Merlin Willcox Weird Water – Peter Harper Karl Popper and Isaiah Berlin – Henryk Skolimowski Reports The State of the World ...
  • Network Review Spring 1997

    Network Review Spring 1997

    Issue No: 63 Editorial Financial Imperatives for the Network Articles Energy Talk – Larry Dossey The Moving Ground Cosmos – Henrik B. Tschudi The Field Substance of Mind: A Hypothesis – Robert A. Charman Dialogue of Henri Bergson – David Lorimer and Rupert Sheldrake Time: a Challenge to Physics? – Michael Friedjung Reports Spirituality and Medicine, St. Petersberg – Alexander Kopytin The Placebo Response, London – Julian Candy Retreat to Paradise: SMN Jamaica – Janine Edge The ...
  • Network Review Spring 1996

    Network Review Spring 1996

    Issue No: 60 Articles A Meeting Place for Science, Art and Spirituality: The Perception of Reality in Insane and ‘Supersane’ States –Peter Chadwick Creativity, Science and Spirituality: their essential unity – Stanley Jacobs The End of the Indeterminacy Principle? – Alexander Imich Treading or Threading through the Moral Maze? – Kevin McCarthy The Parting Words of Sir John Maddox – Don Eldridge Understanding Reality – Meredith Thring Reports The ...
  • Network Review Spring 1987

    Network Review Spring 1987

    Issue No: 33 Editorial Articles The Mystical Experience of Loss of Freedom – A Political Prisoner –> broken link Transplants and Brain-Death – Neville Hodgkinson –> broken link Science and The Modern World – A. N. Whitehead –> broken link The Relevance of Astrology – Beata Bishop –> broken link Reports Integral Approaches to Aids – Dr. Christopher Thomson International Conferences of Eastern and Western Scientists Interested In Helping The World – Professor Arthur Ellison Correspondence Note from The 1981 Research ...
  • Network Review Autumn 2015

    Network Review Autumn 2015

    Editorial – Bernard Carr & Paul Filmore Articles Integrating Money, Love and Virtue: A New Humanism – Maria José Pereira On Evidence and Understanding its Relevance to Evaluating the Therapeutic Relationship in Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM) – Hugh Harrison A Life as an Argument: the Plight of the Individual in Modern Society – David Lorimer Not I, Not Other than ...
  • Network Review 2017 - 1

    Network Review 2017 – 1

     Editorial – Paul Filmore Articles The Leap: A Spiritual View of Evolution – Steve Taylor Reperceiving the World – Willis Harman, with Chris Thomson The Future of World Religion: A Participatory Dream – Jorge N. Ferrer Emergent Spirituality – Tim Freake The “Attitude of Incredulity”  – John Poynton Science and Religion: A Survey of Spiritual Practices and Beliefs among European Scientists, Engineers and Medical Professionals – Edited by David Lorimer   Reports Network News Book Reviews Books in Brief View ...
  • Network Review 2016 - 2

    Network Review 2016 – 2

    Editorial – Paul Filmore Articles Dream, Levitation, and Life after Death Searching for Connections – Michael Grosso Declaration for Integrative, Evidence-Based, End-of-Life Care that Incorporates Nonlocal Consciousness – Stephan A. Schwartz, Gary E. Schwartz, PhD, Larry Dossey, MD Coming Home – Zelda Hall Regenerative Design and a Science of Qualities – Dr. Daniel Christian Wahl Soil is the Stomach of the Plant ...
  • Network Review 2016 - 1

    Network Review 2016 – 1

    Editorial – Paul Filmore Articles Archetypal Penetrance and the Midlife Crisis – Dr Tim Read Michael Whiteman’s Scientific Mysticism – John Poynton Isaac Newton’s Spiritual Search for Truth – Hugh Murdoch Unknowing – Jennifer Kavanagh In Memoriam: Edgar Mitchell, ScD, PhD – Cassandra Vieten Conscious Evolution: Taking Personal Development to Higher Levels – Chris Thomson and David Lorimer The SMN and the Alef Trust: Nurturing Paradigm Change through Online Learning – Jessica Bockler and Les Lancaster Tribute to Prof ...
  • Network Review 122 (2016)

    Network Review 122 (2016)

    Editorial – Paul Filmore Articles A New Psychology of Human Well-Being An Exploration of the Ego-soul Dynamics of Mental and Physical Health – Richard Barrett Whatever Happened to The Tao of Physics? – John Clarke On Re-reading The Tao of Physics: a Personal Tribute – Pier Luigi Luisi, Prof. Emeritus ETH Zurich The Mystical Experience of Loss of Freedom – A Political ...