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Some Reminiscences and Reflections

David Edmund Moody

bohmThis article is adapted from a talk the author gave in London on June 24 at the David Bohm/Ilya Prigogine centennial celebration conference.  It is based upon his recent book, An Uncommon Collaboration:  David Bohm and J. Krishnamurti. Both David Bohm and Ilya Prigogine were honorary members of the SMN. The article gives a unique insight into the relationship between the two men by someone who knew them both well. It explains the background and context of their relationship, their interest in the nature and structure of consciousness and hence between quantum theory, philosophy and psychology as they relate to the challenges of the human condition.

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Our In-formed and Holographic Universe

Dr Jude Currivan

judecThis article – based on the recently published book The Cosmic Hologram – argues that the 20th century scientific revolution was incomplete. Not only are quantum and relativity theory incompatible, but science has overlooked the significance of information and consciousness, which need to be incorporated in a more comprehensive view of reality. As these are being increasingly viewed as crucial to our understanding of reality, we are now on the threshold, not only of a further scientific revolution, but even perhaps a revolution in the way we view ourselves and the entire Cosmos. Recent scientific discoveries, experimental evidence and theoretical insights across all scales are accumulating and converging.

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THE WHOLE SPECTRUM:  Biological to Spiritual

Hazel Skelsey  Guest

The categorisation of Body/Mind/Emotions/Spirit can be seen as a currently fashionable way of describing human beings in terms of four quite distinct components.  These are loosely related to Carl Jung’s Four Functions, namely sensing/thinking/feeling/intuiting respectively, which again are distinct.  Their separateness in the popular psyche is in no way diminished by the well-known fact that emotions have their physiological correlates, nor by the extensive research carried out since the early 1970s on the physiological correlates of transcendental meditation. This paper aims to show that they are aspects of our being which are inextricably linked in a continuum.

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Technotopian or Human-Centred?

Jennifer M. Gidley, PhD

jenniferWe are at a critical point today in research into human futures. Two divergent streams show up in human futures conversations. Which direction we choose will also decide the fate of Earth futures in the sense of Earth’s dual role as home for humans, and habitat for life. The author here chooses a deliberate oversimplification to make a vital point. The two approaches discussed here are informed by Oliver Markley and Willis Harman’s two contrasting future images of human development: ‘evolutionary transformational’ and ‘technological extrapolationist’ in Changing Images of Man (Markley & Harman, 1982).

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Arctic climate feedbacks and their worldwide effects

Peter Wadhams

peterAn enormous change has occurred in the appearance of our planet during the last two decades. The Arctic Ocean, which has an area of 14 million sq km (five times that of the Mediterranean), used to be full of formidably thick and rugged sea ice, winter and summer. Today the ice is thin and weak, and in summer it shrinks back to an area of only 3-4 million sq km, less than half of its summer area as recently as the 1980s.  The media report extensively on the disappearance of the summer ice, but most people do not realize that even in winter the ice now has a character which is quite different from the recent past.

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THREE HORIZONS: the patterning of hope

Bill Sharpe

billsharpeFor over 30 years Bill has been involved in finding ways to think about the future, first as a research manager in the computer industry, and for the last 15 years working independently as a futures practitioner across all sorts of areas from sustainable transport to the arts, and the future of healthcare.   The Three Horizons practice has grown from his work with the International Futures Forum (IFF) that seeks to foster practical hope and wise initiative in the most complex issues facing our society.

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Regenerative Business

The Way Nature Intended

Giles Hutchins

gilesOver the last century, conventional commerce and industry has been a core contributor to our present environmental and social crisis. This mainstream business approach is born out of a flawed logic about how the world works. It is a logic that is being challenged by a growing number of forward-thinking business folk. Here Giles discusses how ‘today’s businesses that embrace a living systems logic will be tomorrow’s success stories.’

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reflects on a Modern Devil

Paul Kieniewicz

terminatorThese days you’d think that demons, malevolent spiritual beings out there to trip us up, would have been consigned by most scientists to the dustbin of history along with “superstitions” and other religious ideas. They certainly wouldn’t be a subject for serious scientific research. Well, apparently they are a subject of research, not as horned animals, but true to 21st century style, as malevolent artificial intelligences.

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