Paul Hague – Love, Evolution and Spiritual Renewal

In The Human Phenomenon, completed in 1940, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin prophesied that one day all the divergent streams of some fourteen billion years of evolution would converge in a megasynthesis of all knowledge, ushering in a spiritual epoch of radiant beauty, where all opposites would be unified in Love and Peace, our Divine Essence.

Then in 2000, at the SMN Continental Meeting in Sweden, Nick Hoggard made a similar prediction. By viewing the whole of evolution as a single dynamical system in chaos theory, he showed that the diminishing geometric series of bifurcating evolutionary turning points would one day terminate at evolution’s Accumulation Point.

These momentous events are not happening outside of us, for our bodies and minds are the products of all these aeons of evolution. So in this talk, I would like to share a little of my own learning experiences, as evolution is drawing us all towards its Omega Point, it’s Great Attractor, never separate from its Alpha Point, where this odyssey begins.

For it is by sharing our experiences, we shall fulfil Teilhard’s prophecy: “The way out for the world, the gates of the future, the entry into the superhuman, will not open ahead to some privileged few, or to a single people, elect among all peoples. They will yield only to the thrust of all together in the direction where all can rejoin and complete one another in a spiritual renewal of the Earth.”