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The Scientific and Medical Network is primarily most valued by its members as a forum where people can meet, discuss, and explore topics of mutual interest. Membership gives the opportunity to attend conferences and local events at reduced cost, as well as access to the acclaimed Network Review published three times a year.  The Network Review can either be delivered to your home in paper format on payment of an annual subscription, or delivered electronically as an eMagazine.  It is important to us that younger members are encouraged to join the Network and we have introduced both an ‘Under 25’ membership and a ‘Family’ membership category. Since many of our activities are UK based and are more difficult for overseas members to attend, we offer a discount to overseas members.  We have set membership prices at levels which we believe people can afford, and as such are subsidised by the Network.  To make our work sustainable we would therefore appreciate it if those that are willing, and can afford it, would add an additional voluntary donation to the base membership price.

Please note that this is a new web site that we are developing and it would be helpful, if you already are a member, if you could use the same username, email and password as you would to access the Main Site.