Richard Blasband – Bioenergetics from a Spiritual Point-of-View

The concept of bioenergy is naturally inherent in thinking of syntropic and entropic processes in nature. Those of us involved in the care and healing from other than a strictly allopathic paradigm uses the term “energy” generously and although it is difficult for us to give it strict definition such as would be given by a traditional physicist, there is some sense of mutual consensus and understanding when we use the term. This is especially true among those of us practicing some form of healing by touch or mental intention.

What I will present is the new, radical view of bioenergy developed by the master-healer, clairvoyant, and theoretical physicist Nicolai Levashov. Levashov found through his clairvoyant sense that our universe is made up of seven “primary matters”, which when fully merged create our physical planet, Earth. These matters have specific colors and frequencies. In the course of the development of life on Earth the organism’s “spirit” utilizes the primary matters to create “spiritual bodies”, which function in harmony with the physical body in cellular reproduction, emotion, memory, and, in some humans, what we call parapsychological abilities such as clairvoyance and healing. The spiritual bodies act in concert with the spirit and our physical body to give us our sense of the wholeness of who we are on this planet. It is the streaming of primary matters from the physical body through the spiritual bodies and back that we perceive as “energy” in motion. Levashov has given us these dynamics with respect to the origin of life, healing, and the functions of memory, sleep, and death in considerable detail. This will be presented along with original drawings by Levashov to help explain his findings.