Tuvi Orbach

Tuvi OrbachDegrees: B.Sc., Industrial engineering, MBA business and Computer Science

Profile: Purpose: To inspire people enhancing their life: To develop, implement  and promote, methods, knowledge, products and solutions which enhance self awareness, open minded, well-being,  and quality of life. To help people know and better understand their whole-selves, their relationships, their purpose, empowering them to improve their health, well-being and potential, and to achieve their goals, so enjoying a longer, healthier, happier enhanced fulfilled and meaningful life.

To contribute to global mind change and promote a new paradigm that enhances mainstream science to include consciousness, and spirituality and creates bridges between business and values, between conventional medicine and integrated holistic health, and inspires people to be more open minded and enjoy meaningful life.

Entrepreneur, established and managed several companies (one public in NASDAQ one in the London Stock Exchanged and 3 private, and software incubator which created tens companies.) in the areas of software, health, psychology and well-being.

Founder of www.tohealth.com and www.mindLife.co.uk and Managing Trustee of an educational charity www.help2help.org.uk Director of Scientific and Medical Network domain – communication and content of the website.