Ulisse di Corpo and Antonella Vannini – The Invisible Force of Love

Consciousness, the “feeling of being alive” is still a mystery. Neuroscientists assume that consciousness emerges from matter, whereas quantum scientists believe that matter emerges from consciousness. The mathematician Luigi Fantappiè and the palaeontologist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin describe consciousness as a property of a symmetric and complementary energy to physical energy. The fundamental equations have a “physical” solution for energy that diverges forwards in time and a “non-physical” solution which describes energy that diverges backward in time. The qualities of the “non-physical” energy match the mysterious qualities of life: energy concentration, increase in differentiation and complexity, creation of structures. Life appears to be a combination of the physical and non-physical energy, in-between the visible and invisible worlds. Physical energy can be perceived whereas the non-physical energy can be felt: the head perceives, the heart feels. We are constantly faced with what the head and the heart say, and we are forced to choose. The heart gives direction and aim, whereas the head provides tools and experience. Both are needed.

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