West Hampshire Group

River Test - Hampshire

Co-ordinator, Dr Anthony Fox 01590-645235.

Our venue has changed to Lymington Community Centre SO41 9BQ (in the Beagley Room). Their telephone: 01590 672337. We meet on the 3rd Friday of most months  at 2.00 pm (a leisurely start) until 4.00pm.

We greatly encourage free discussion and have very lively meetings.

We have enjoyed  excellent presentations so far in 2017- but to date have no presentations after July . We are very happy for ideas and contributions. If you are not able to attend The Lymington Community Centre for one of our meetings, I shall be happy print out copies of your work as well as reading it out. However discussion is best with the presenter in the room.

Forthcoming Meetings


We shall meet again at The Lymington Community Centre

On Friday June 16th Vera Hopkins will present -“What will be the nature of Humanity when people become more robotic ? ”

On Friday July 21st, Chris Clarke will present – “Free Will”.

We have no more topics planned  for our the remainder of 2017 .

If we have no more contributions we intend to close The West Hampshire Group until further interest develops.
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