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London Group – Meeting Reports 2004

December 2004 The Fascinating World of Subliminal Mind In December, Serena Roney-Dougal PhD who is an author and lecturer in Parapsychology, started us off by placing the concept of subliminal mind in context within Western Culture. We looked first at conscious perceptions and then to that which is above the […]

London Group – Meeting Reports 2003

November 2003 Radical Prince: the Integral Vision of HRH the Price of Wales November 14th Our very own David Lorimer, Programme Director of the Network, gav e the presentation in this month’s meeting and talked about his new book. David started by giving us an overview of his he came […]

London Group – Meeting Reports 2001

April 2001 Rupert writes: Regrettably, Geoff Boltwood had to cancel our February 21st meeting at the last minute for personal reasons. He hopes to be able to re-schedule in the near future. However, Peter Fenwick gave a thrilling talk to a large gathering of members on March 21st entitled ‘Does […]

London Group – Meeting Reports 2000

December 2000 Rupert writes: PHILLIP BEACH gave a compelling talk at our July meeting about how he has synthesized the Eastern discipline of Acupuncture within his own work in Western Osteopathy. For two thousand years the Chinese have utilised fourteen meridian lines in ancient acupuncture based on touch and the […]

London Group – Meeting Reports 1999

December 1999 RUPERT TOWER writes: On August 1st GEORG FEUERSTEIN gave an illuminating overview of the essentials of yoga, and chose to focus on Hatha-Yoga, meaning ‘force’ or ‘forceful’ yoga. This is the form of yoga best known in the West, though its deeper spiritual and philosophical foundations are rarely […]

London Group – Meeting Reports 1998

November 1998 RUPERT KINGLAKE TOWER writes: The group met on the 26th November at the home of BARONESS EDMEE DI PAULI and heard a dynamic and stimulating lecture by PROF. DR DAVID SCHWEITZER about his recent successful work in photographing thoughts impregnated in water. DrSchweitzer argues that water can act […]

London Group – Meeting Reports 1997

September 1997 RUPERT KINGLAKE TOWER writes: The North London Group held a meeting at the house of Baroness Edmee di Pauli on 24 September. Owing to an administrative mix-up we were bereft of our planned speaker that evening, which allowed for spontaneity and discussion of various interest topics ranging across […]