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ArticlesThe SMN members have created a large volume of written material over the years, much of which has been published in the Network Review. Here you will find a selection of the member articles.


What were Network Members reading in 1975?

By Paul Kieniewicz Back in 1975 I ran a bookshop called “The Gateway” in Ojai, California: Books for Mind Body and Spirit. Meanwhile on this side of the Atlantic the Scientific and Medical Network was taking shape. In those days, the Network was a group of scientists and doctors brought […]

Robots and Human Hands

Body Issues — Human and Robotic

  By Paul Kieniewicz Back in the 1960’s, the Polish Science Fiction writer, Stanisław Lem wrote a short story about robots. A rocket along with its calculator lands on an uninhabited  planet and subsequently spawns a race of robots. The robots (who call themselves Magnificans), build an entire city along […]

Conscious Machines – What do they think?

By Paul Kieniewicz So, we may one day all be replaced by intelligent machines. One day, given enough computational power, machines will become self-aware. According to some AI researchers, some machines already have a measure of self-awareness. Of consciousness. And then, there’s the fabled Singularity, when the machine surpasses the […]

beautiful sunset with dolphins jumping

Dolphins Talk When Performing a Team Task

Do dolphins have language skills similar to ours? Do the vocalizations of bottlenose dolphins mean anything? Are the dolphins conveying useful information or just having a good time? While primates such as chimpanzees can be taught sign language, there is a great deal of scepticism as to whether they are […]

Burst Background

Singing the Body Electric

We’re used to thinking of our bodies as bio-chemical systems  that our cells are maintained by chemical processes. When we visit a doctor, the treatment usually comes in the form of a pill, something to change our chemistry. What about electricity? What role does it play in biological systems? The recent […]

Two Yogi Female Exercising In Class

Can Yoga and Meditation ward off Alzheimer’s disease?

We’re all used to hearing that a course in yoga and meditation can make you feel better. Help you cope with stress. Now a new study headed by Helen Lavretsky of UCLA and published in the May edition of the Journal of Alzheimer’s Research indicates yoga and meditation may also forestall the cognitive impairment […]

Elementary Particles series. Interplay of abstract fractal forms on the subject of nuclear physics science and graphic design.

All Physics is Nonlocal!

By Paul Kieniewicz (SMN) At the recent SMN conference devoted to the work of David Bohm and Ilya Prigogine, Basil Hiley treated us to a thorough, mathematical discussion of nonlocality — one that sent me back to my physics textbook. Nonlocality is a word you hear quite often these days. […]

Digital Media and Early Child Development

Editorial by Paul Kieniewicz Anyone visiting their child’s classroom today will be impressed at how the computer, and other digital media have established themselves as teaching / learning tools. A recent New York Times article, How Google Took over the Classroom, relates how much of this advance is driven by […]

Electromagnetic Waves

Are PSI phenomena transmitted by Electromagnetic Waves?

One of the main objections raised against the existence of paranormal phenomena is the lack of a scientific mechanism to explain how they happen. Several scientists have proposed that the carriers are electromagnetic waves, perhaps ultra-low frequency waves. In a recent review article that examines this question, Craig Weiler recounts […]