Commission for Extended Science

Dear Friends and Colleagues

Under the auspices of the Scientific and Medical Network ( and following the publication of a number of manifestos calling for a wider and deeper science, we are proposing to establish a Commission for Extended Science.
You will see the rationale and remit of the Commission at the beginning of the attached document. The essence of the remit is to find ways to extend science so that it is able to accommodate questions and topics that it is currently unable to approach due to restrictive assumptions. Some of these are listed in the attachment. To achieve our objective, we will consult widely with the scientific community. The plan is to produce a report in June 2017.
We realise that you are all very busy with your own projects, but we would be enormously grateful to have your responses to the issues set out below – feel free to send references to papers and books.
In your own field, and in general, what do you consider to be the major limitations of science, as it is currently understood and practised?
• How would you like to see these limitations addressed?
• What new methodologies and ontology would you propose?
• What differences do you think an extended science would make to your field, and in general?
• Any other observations you may have.

We would be most appreciative l if you could send your responses to the emails below by the end of November. We will then collate all responses we receive and create our report on this basis. We will then send you a draft in April 2018 for any further comments.
Do feel free to suggest other colleagues who you think might like to be involved; also any potential sources of funding for such work.

More information can be seen at

Many thanks indeed in anticipation of your collaboration.

Yours sincerely

Chris Thomson, [email protected]
David Lorimer, [email protected],
Richard Irwin, [email protected]