David Edmund Moody, Ph.D.

David Edmund Moody, Ph.D., is the author of An Uncommon Collaboration:  David Bohm and J. Krishnamurti.  He is the former director of Oak Grove School, founded by Krishnamurti in Ojai, California, where he worked closely for more than a decade with both Bohm and Krishnamurti.  His experiences there are described in his previous book, The Unconditioned Mind: J. Krishnamurti and the Oak Grove School.

Moody took his doctoral degree in education from UCLA (1991), where his research focused upon the role of insight in overcoming student misconceptions in the sciences.  He is a co-author of Mapping Biology Knowledge (Kluwer, 2000), and he is the author of numerous articles in popular and professional journals on topics in science and education.  He is currently working on a new book containing transcripts and analysis of several conversations he conducted with Bohm.  The tentative title is Philosophy, Science, and Religion:  Dialogues with David Bohm.