Jencks, Charles PhD

Charles Jencks is a renowned cultural theorist, landscape designer, architectural historian, and co-founder of the Maggie’s Cancer Care Centres. His best-selling books include The Language of Post-Modern Architecture, Adhocism, The Architecture of the Jumping Universe and The Architecture of Hope (on Maggie’s Centres). His recent landscape work is summarised in The Universe in the Landscape. […]

Gidley, Jennifer M., PhD

Jennifer M. Gidley PhD is an Australian psychologist, innovative educator and futurist. She is an Adjunct Professor at the Institute for Sustainable Futures at UTS Sydney, and has held academic positions within three other Australian universities (1995-2012). Jennifer works globally with speaking and research collaborations including Australia, Europe, the USA, Middle East and Asia. As […]

Koch, Angelika Maria, Dr., DNM LCH H.N.H.Ir

ANGELIKA MARIA KOCH is a Doctor of Natural Medicine, and the owner of MEDICA NOVA, Practice for Integrated & Educational Medicine. For nearly three decades in her clinical practice, Dr. Angelika Maria Koch has synthesized and applied a unique blend of effective, cutting-edge therapeutic tools in an innovative and holistic approach for her patients’ well-being. […]

David Edmund Moody, Ph.D.

David Edmund Moody, Ph.D., is the author of An Uncommon Collaboration:  David Bohm and J. Krishnamurti.  He is the former director of Oak Grove School, founded by Krishnamurti in Ojai, California, where he worked closely for more than a decade with both Bohm and Krishnamurti.  His experiences there are described in his previous book, The […]

Hiley, Basil, Professor PhD

Professor Basil Hiley graduated from Kings College London with a First in Special Physics and obtained his PhD under Professor Domb in 1962.  The topic of his PhD was on Cooperative Phenomena and the Protein Folding Problem.  He joined Birkbeck College in 1961 and was awarded a Chair of Physics in 1995. He was awarded […]

Lorimer, David, MA PGCE FRSA

David Lorimer, MA, PGCE, FRSA, is a writer, lecturer and editor who is Programme Director of the Scientific and Medical Network. He was also President of Wrekin Trust and a Founder of Character Education Scotland. Originally a merchant banker then a teacher of philosophy and modern languages at Winchester College, he is the author and […]